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Microwave Telemetry - How to Monitor Your Microwave Gear

Microwave telemetry refers to the monitoring of microwave communications equipment. Microwave telemetry is of critical importance in the telecommunications industry, because it provides needed visibility of network devices and communications.

Why You Should Monitor You Microwave Frequency Equipment.

Most microwave frequency equipment is located in remote areas like mountaintops, therefore they're not easy to access. Below are some key issues that may arise in the absence of a network alarm monitoring system:

  • Power Outage:
    The FCC requires proper antenna lighting be maintained through tower light regulations. A power outage occurring at a remote site can compromise this situation by causing your lights to go dark, therefore exposing you to liability and fines. A reactive effort to determine whether your site is still running or suffering from a power outage can result in sizable FCC fines, damaging liability, or loss of life. Adhering to these regulations can save your investments, revenue, and reputation from diminishing.
  • Fuel Level Detection:
    Some microwave frequency equipment are powered by diesel and/or propane generators. The most common way to determine whether these generators need refueling are through routine checks, which includes traveling to the site. Constant deployment of this outdated method costs time and money. Implementing sensors to detect fuel levels and then notifying you would be the more reasonable approach. This way, you'll know exactly how much fuel is left and how much more is needed without having to "guesstimate" whether or not you should check on your remote site.

Microwave Telemetry Protects Communications Systems

It is important to maximize microwave communications using microwave telemetry. A microwave communications system is generally made up of microwave antennas. These antennas are located at the top of radio towers, usually in mountainous areas that are inaccessible by LAN. A microwave system must have a minimum of two towers that transmit data between each other. There cannot be anything obstructing data transmission between microwave sites, as the presence of these objects could impede the progress of microwave signals between sites. In the event that communication is impaired, a microwave telemetry system will notify you of the problem.

Microwave Systems Composed of Remotes and Master

A microwave telemetry system is composed of a fleet of alarm monitoring remotes that collect alarms from your microwave system and other important site equipment. These remotes forward these alarms to a microwave telemetry master. The master will then process the alarms, alerting your workstation personnel by displaying alarms in the alarm browser. It will also automatically send alarm notifications to your technicians via pager or email, allowing them to quickly bring your microwave network back online.

Modern Monitoring Systems Protect Your Microwave Telemetry Equipment

Because microwave systems are sensitive to environmental factors, it is of critical importance that your microwave telemetry equipment can be used to monitor these environmental factors in addition to your site equipment. You need to know if harsh winds have affected your microwave antennas, or if extreme humidity has caused a device to fail. An advanced microwave telemetry master will notify you of these events.

Make T/Mon Your Microwave Telemetry Master

T/Mon NOC is an advanced alarm master for your microwave telemetry system. With support for multiple protocols, T/Mon NOC can provide you with visibility of all of your mission-critical microwave equipment. T/Mon will display all of these network alarms in a convenient, single-window browser, eliminating the expense of deploying a separate microwave telemetry system in addition to your other alarm monitoring gear.

With T/Mon, you will automatically receive instant microwave telemetry alarm notifications via pager or email. These alerts will inform you of the problem device's location, as well as repair instructions to aid your technicians in quickly bringing your microwave system back online. This will save you from reducing losing revenues and angering clients during extended outages. With increased reliability from your microwave telemetry system, you will provide your clients with the outstanding service they have come to expect from their communications providers.

Reduce Customer Churn- Monitor Your Microwave Alarms with T/Mon NOC

The T/Mon NOC microwave telemetry system will give you the visibility you need to quickly solve your networking problems. With T/Mon, you won't spend hours looking for problems and troubleshooting microwave transmission errors. Instead, you'll quickly dispatch technicians to trouble spots identified by your T/Mon microwave telemetry master, speeding your network recovery. With the ultra-reliable T/Mon platform, you'll reduce customer churn while providing excellent and consistent service. Don't wait to start improving your network, deploy a T/Mon alarm monitoring system.

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