Telecom Switch Monitoring White Paper

Monitoring your telecom switches is an important job. As a telecommunications service provider, your switch is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your business infrastructure.

If you don't monitor your switches carefully, your customers can be frustrated by extended outages. Effective network alarm monitoring minimizes and can even prevent these reputation-damaging outages. It gives you the visibility you need to quickly resolve your switch problems before they grow into bigger threats.

It is critically important to choose an alarm monitoring system that has the flexibility to support all of your transports. Having a single monitoring system that is compatible with the transports you already have is integral to your overall network visibility. If you can't monitor all of your sites from a single screen, you can't be certain that you have a complete picture of your current network status.

This white paper will teach you what simple embedded switch monitoring can't do. It will also show you how to identify a top-quality alarm monitoring system for your switch, or to replace alarm capacity lost during a softswitch transition. Finally, you'll learn about the massive value of a custom-fit switch monitoring solution for your network.

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