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Gradually Migrate to Modern RTUs Without Killing Your Budget

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If You Know You Need to Upgrade Your Network Monitoring, But You Think You Can't Afford It - It's Easier and Cheaper Than You Think

If you're dependent on a network monitoring system that is no longer supported by the manufacturer, you've probably been worried about what you're going to do when the system starts to fail. Maybe failures are already happening - remotes are dying, the master is frequently malfunctioning - or maybe failure is still in the future.

Either way, you know that your current system won't last forever. You know you need to upgrade, but you're hesitating - with good reason.

You know that upgrading both your master and your remotes will take a huge bite of your CAP-X budget. And even if you could afford a new system, you don't have the manpower to install it all at once. Cutting over your whole network will take weeks or even months, and network visibility will be limited during that time.

There Is a Migration Solution

But it doesn't have to be this way. You can upgrade your system gradually, one step at a time, without killing your CAP-X or OP-X budget. You control the pace and the expense of migration.

The first step in your controlled migration path is to replace your legacy master with a modern, fully supported master polling station that can support your existing legacy remotes.

Replacing your master gives you some immediate benefits: you'll be able to use advanced alarm processing features like after-hours monitoring and automatic notification; you won't have to worry about a mechanical breakdown of the master; plus you'll have full support from a vendor who won't disappear tomorrow.

The next step is to start replacing your legacy RTUs with modern RTUs. This migration can happen as quickly or as slowly as you like. You can turn over one leg of your network at a time, saving capital expenditure, personnel, and transport costs. Plus you'll have full network visibility every step of the way.

Finally, you'll have a fully modern system that can grow and expand to meet your network's future needs - and you will have achieved a complete upgrade without ever taking unnecessary financial risk.