SiteMON IP: Camera And RTU In One

New! SiteMon IP G2- Camera & RTU In One
With this camera and RTU in one, you don't need to wonder what's going on at your sites. The new SiteMON enables you to make security decisions remotely, allowing you to dispatch on-call staff, security, or even police.

If you've ever been the victim of copper theft , vandalism, or other intrusions, you know the cost of not maintaining the physical security of your sites. Also remember that the cost of repairing or replacing equipment is often trivial compared to the revenue loss caused by an outage. A simple camera in the right place could make all the difference.

When SiteMONs are used in conjunction with the T/Mon LNX master station, you gain advanced functionality. "Trigger events" cause images to be archived automatically for later review. The new SiteMON is also compatible with the T/GFX graphical user interface (GUI). With T/MonGFX, you'll view live images directly from each SiteMON. Simply click on the appropriate icon for the camera you wish to view from the site-floor-plan screen.

New Camera and RTU In One

  • 2 discrete alarms, 2 analog temp sensors, 2 controls
  • Define "triggers" to capture critical images before and after an event
  • Great for monitoring parking lots, hallways, colocation sites, and equipment rooms
  • Walk technicians through repairs from the comfort of your central office
  • Outdoor enclosure available
  • NEW! Captures images 6X faster than previous model
  • NEW! Stores up to 63 images locally
  • NEW! Stores 32,000-50,000 images when using the image receiver job on T/Mon. (With T/Mon LNX, image capacity is potentially greatly expandable.)
  • NEW! Wide-temperature chassis for withstanding extreme heat and cold
  • View live images in T/GFX or cache them on your PC
  • Visually confirm who has arrived on-site before granting them access
  • Supports internal and external temperature sensors
  • Visually check critical environmental conditions
  • Features 12 or 24 VDC to power peripherals (like motion sensors)
  • Available for AC or DC power input

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