How Internet of Things (IoT) Monitoring Improves a Network

The Internet of Things (IoT) architecture promises to make our world much more convenient. Ordinary devices are increasingly IP-enabled. Houses, phones, cars, refrigerators, and more are all connected, allowing you to remotely start your car, turn on the lights in your home, and see what's in the fridge while you're shopping.

IoT network
This IoT network diagram is one example of a network of IP enabled devices. These "smart" connected devices are all connected and work together to automate and manage other equipment from a data center.

But the IoT concept reaches beyond just our personal lives and has practical applications in telco-grade networks. Although many elements of IoT devices (constant connectivity, many interconnected devices) have been a core part of remote monitoring in telecom for decades, IoT solutions offers new capabilities to make your job easier.

The transition to IP networks has largely occurred. Remaining legacy connections like serial and POTS modems are increasingly rare. So, what are the next big IoT developments for network monitoring tools?

Next steps for IoT monitoring systems in Telecom:

Tmon network
The master station helps to give an over all view of the health of the network. Use it to control devices, sensors, and even building access, all while recording data and analytics.

What to look for in a business-grade IoT system:

Ways IoT can improve your monitoring:

IoT is a new frontier, but the underlying tech and concepts are not new. Choose a company with a history. Choose someone who can point to a history of success with remote sensing and remote management, etc.

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