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As an OEM, you know the importance of keeping a tight schedule. What's worse, is that you know all too well what its like to run out of time on a project rollout. Alarm monitoring is not one of your areas of expertise and it's a huge project.

Some vendors may leave you with an unfinished or defective product. Now you're left to try and make it work. Other venders might only have a limited line of products. You don't want to pay for something that you won't use all of. And what do you do when your client adds a new monitoring requirement at the very last minute?

Don't leave your network monitoring needs in just anyone's hands. Finding a reliable company to engineer exactly what you need is a critical part of ensuring the project's success. DPS Telecom has a solution for you! Whether it's one of our existing products or a custom solution for your (or your client's) specific needs, we can do it all.

A leading IT Consulting Firm was able to find a perfect fit solution for a key client with DPS Telecom.

DPS Telecom has over 20 years of experience with OEM projects. "OEM work, including custom engineering, is something that we specialize in, and we've gotten really good at it" said Mark Carberry, Engineering Director at DPS Telecom. "The only thing that's important to our OEM clients is that our product will work well in their environment - the way we promised it would."

Okuda Sangyo Philippines is another example of an OEM that benefited from DPS Telecom's flexible engineering.

DPS is able to significantly cut your time-to-market with vertical integration. DPS has an in-house engineering office, production facility, metal shop, and testing lab, all focused around providing the best solutions for clients' needs. "Vertical integration makes DPS custom design services possible," said Production Manager Annette Rinehart. "Some of our OEM clients require special design modifications, and you can only do that if you do the manufacturing yourself." By controlling the design, to manufacturing, to shipping, DPS can go from concept to delivery in just a few weeks.