This RTU interprets Modbus from your generators

There's a new trend in generator technology you may not have noticed. You need to make sure it doesn't trip you up.

Many generators today are being sold without traditional contact closures to report alarms. Closures/relays are sometimes available for a substantial added fee. Generator manufacturers who do this usually expect you to use their Modbus/IP interface instead.

Monitor your generator with the NetGuardian 480
Most generators communicate via Modbus registers. The NetGuardian 480 G4 is Modbus enabled and can send you alerts about your generator via SMS and Email.

Some "solutions" are expensive and only solving half your problem

In some cases, manufacturers are doing this to drive sales of their own Modbus-capable monitoring software. This can work, but you'll end up with a big extra expense and an extra monitoring system you have to worry about.

You could just buy the optional contact closure module, but that's expensive, too. Even worse, you're still on the hook for some kind of RTU to process those contact closures at the site.

And don't even think about leaving your generators unmonitored. They back up your battery plant during power outages. If you don't take care of your generators, your sites will eventually go dark.

You need an RTU that can accommodate your newer generator

What you need is an elegant way to handle the generator Modbus outputs that are available at no additional cost. If you have a typical Modbus/IP generator, your RTU doesn't need any special ports. If you have Modbus over RS232/RS485 instead, make sure you have a compatible serial port on your RTU.

Your RTU will communicate with your generator via Modbus, extract alarm data, and then report those alarms in the way you need. It could send you a text, send you an email, report to an SNMP manager, or whatever notification method works best for you.

The NetGuardian 480 G4
The NetGuardian 480 G4 by DPS Telecom is a Modbus-enabled RTU.

Mediate Modbus registers with the NetGuardian 480 G4

The NetGuardian 480 G4 by DPS Telecom can mediate your generators' Modbus registers via LAN. No need for expensive contact closures or Modbus-capable software. Plus, the NetGaurdian 480 G4 is a full RTU. Monitor your other equipment with one device that integrates seamlessly into your network.

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NetGuardians as well as legacy RTUs monitor conditions at remote sites. Your energy company receives comprehensive network reports all from a single source.

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