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Large Deployment that has to be done right the first time

Large Deployment that has to be done right the first time

  • Large projects are priority
    Whether you've just been awarded a large project or are responsible for deploying a large scale project, you need to make sure it gets done right. If you're like most people that find themselves in this position, you are initially excited by the opportunity this means for your company and yourself.
  • The key to large projects is deployment time
    Then you start thinking about all the logistics involved in a project of this scope. You need to not only make sure that you select the right products for the job, but you need to make sure they get to the right places at the right time to meet your deployment timelines.
  • You Can't Afford Any Delays
    You don't have time for delays, going backwards is never an option, and you still have all your other projects you are responsible for.

Your large deployment goes smoothly because you chose wisely

  • Large projects are our specialty
    DPS has specialized in alarm monitoring solutions for decades and has a wealth of experience in large-scale successful deployments.
  • Our vertical integration and in-house operations mean we're quick
    We are a very vertically integrated company so we have a high level flexibility as to how we allocate our resources to accommodate your needs. For example, our engineers routinely change software to perfectly satisfy our client needs. Because we manufacture our own products (including metal) we have a fair amount of latitude with production scheduling.
  • We'll make sure it works right the first time
    Most importantly, we know how to make your large project work right the first time. We have a proven methodology of how to quickly and purposefully move from proof of technology, to small rollouts to full-scale deployments. Our experience with Fortune 500 companies has given us a solid background in both large-scale direct and OEM deployments. Our OEM experience in particular has well familiarized us with exacting quality standards. We are your best solution.