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DPS Telecom Releases New E2A White Paper

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FRESNO, Calif.-- DPS Telecom, a leading developer of network alarm monitoring solutions, announced today that it has released a new white paper in its series for network professionals. The newest white paper, "Working With E2A: An In-Depth Guide for Today's Network Professionals," provides network operators with many options for working with the E2A protocol to maximize the effectiveness of their network monitoring system.

"There simply isn't a lot of information about the E2A protocol available to the public," said DPS CEO Bob Berry. "We wanted to give our clients a guide to E2A that would enable them to make good decisions when working with this legacy protocol."

DPS has been a leader in the alarm-monitoring industry for over 20 years. During that time, the company has helped many clients develop solutions for the E2A infrastructures within their organizations. This experience has given DPS a wealth of information about optimizing or modernizing monitoring systems that use E2A communications. "There are just a handful of E2A experts in the world, and DPS has several of them in-house," said DPS Telecom President Eric Storm. "This puts us in a unique position to write a guidebook for working with E2A in today's telecom environment."

The new E2A white paper gives operators a core understanding of the E2A protocol, citing its advantages, disadvantages, and uses. It also contains a glossary of key E2A terminology. This information is a critical decision-making tool for all professionals with E2A in their network.

"Working With E2A: An In-Depth Guide for Today's Network Professionals" also provides network operators a number of recommended solutions for effectively managing an E2A monitoring system in a modern telecom environment. Because it is considered a legacy protocol, the recommendations in the E2A guide provide solutions for those wanting to continue using E2A, mediate alarms from other protocols to their E2A master, or even migrate away from the protocol entirely.

To help companies decide when it's time to upgrade to contemporary monitoring, the white paper introduces the monitoring opportunities available using more advanced protocols. "Older E2A equipment is difficult to repair or replace," said Mark Carberry, DPS Director of Engineering. "This guide discusses several opportunities for a smooth transition to contemporary monitoring gear."

DPS publishes a wealth of technical content for their clients and site visitors, including their complete white paper series, which now contains more than 30 in-depth guides. "If you are wondering what you can do with the E2A devices in your network, this white paper is for you," said Berry.

"Working With E2A: An In-Depth Guide for Today's Network Professionals," along with the complete series of over 30 DPS white papers, is available as a free download at http://www.DpsTelecom.com/network-monitoring/e2a/index.php.


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