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Top 3 New D-Wire Sensors: Vibration, Water and Propane Level

D-Wire sensors from DPS Telecom are simple and inexpensive plug-and-play style sensors. Typically, they are used for environmental monitoring of temperature and/or humidity. A D-Wire Analog Module can be used to interface to other kinds of sensor devices and voltages, including current transducers. D-Wire sensors can be configured and monitored with the easy-to-use web interface and are a great way to extend the capability of your RTU.

D-Wire sensors use a simple RJ-11 connection, in and out, allowing for easy connection and reconfiguration, so you don't have to go through wiring and rewiring an amphenol (or 66 block, or wire wrap...) every time you move a sensor. Plus, each sensor has a unique ID, similar to a MAC address, so the host unit automatically detects the sensor.

While Temperature and Humidity sensors are most popular, there are a variety of other sensors that monitor both interior and exterior conditions to make sure your equipment is fully functional 24/7.

Our Top 3 New Sensor Picks:

Vibration D-Wire Sensor
  1. Vibration Sensor

    Need to know if a piece of equipment is running? A vibration sensor is one way to monitor. Depending on your device, if it is running, it produces some vibration. As long as this vibration is detected, the relay is latched. In the case that the device stops functioning, the vibration will also stop, releasing the relay and triggering the alarm.
  2. Water Sensor

    While temperature and humidity can both cause major damage to your equipment, especially those that are remote and unmanned, water is also a huge threat. Hurricanes, melting snow and water leaks can all pose a threat to your equipment if that water is able to get inside your remote sites and pool. Using the Water D-Wire sensor from DPS alerts you to any flooding that may occur, allowing you time to power-down critical equipment or call the appropriate person for repairs.
  3. Propane level sensor node

    Propane is often-times the backup for commercial power. But that doesn't make it any less important to monitor. In fact, because it is critical because you need it to work at a moments notice. That is why is it so important to monitor the propane level of your propane tanks. As a backup, generators may sit for long periods of time. If you don't actively monitor your propane levels, your generator might not work when it is needed the most.

    Vibration D-Wire Sensor

    With this Propane Level D-Wire sensor from DPS, that is no longer a threat. Using this sensor, you will know as soon as your propane level drops below a certain threshold. Plus, using a propane level sensor can help detect equipment problems, such as tank leaks. Tracking propane usage rates will allow you to spot irregularities that may signify a leak in your tank.

Propane sensor float demonstration:

As long as your RTU is D-Wire compatible (most DPS RTUs are), you can use D-Wire sensors to keep track of environmentals at even your most remote locations. By daisy-chaining up to 16 sensors together, you can maximize your environmental monitoring capabilities without compromising analog space on your RTU.

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