Consolidated Communications CEO Credits "Quality Of Service" For Winning New Broadband Customers

November 8, 2016

If you've read either of these two articles, you know that Consolidated Communications puts a high value on good remote monitoring:

In both of these cases, Consolidated didn't merely use off-the-shelf monitoring technology. They found a manufacturer who could build an RTU that let them leverage available transport (T1 first, and later fiber with an SFP module).

Good remote monitoring appears to be paying off

Although remote monitoring is only one of hundreds of factors that affect a company's overall financial performance, it makes a solid contribution in several ways:

  1. You drive up service reliability, which helps you win and keep customers.
  2. You can overcome customer sensitivity to higher prices by offering better service.
  3. You minimize wasted expense from driving out to sites, fixing damaged equipment, and recovering from theft/vandalism.

It shouldn't be a surprise then, that Consolidated Communications posted positive results in Q3 2016:

  • 5.2% revenue growth in commercial and carrier data year over year.
  • Acquired Champaign Telephone Company, including its significant fiber network
  • Stock price (CNSL) hit an all-time high on June 30

You can similarly stack the odds in your favor by deploying a good remote monitoring and control system in your network. This is crucial, no matter what kind of company you work for.

Industries that need remote monitoring:

  • Telecom (telephone, wireless, TV, internet)
  • Power utility (monitoring substations)
  • Railway (trackside enclosures and huts, PTC)
  • Police/Fire/Safety radio (towers, dispatch)
  • 911 centers (reduce ISO insurance rates, protect life-saving dispatch)
  • Any other company with a network spread out across a large area

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