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How Cameron Communications Upgraded Their Monitoring System

Cameron Communications provides an array of state-of-the-art telecommunications and entertainment services to homes and businesses in rural Southwest and Central Louisiana and Southeast Texas. Owned and operated by its founding family in 1928, Cameron Communications connects its customers to the world with Cable TV, High-Speed Internet, and Phone services.

Liles Cameron
Keith Liles
IP Data Supervisor
Cameron Communications

Network Expansion Demanded a New Monitoring Solution

Historically, Cameron Communication used basic embedded switch monitoring and a call-out list to monitor their equipment. They also used a microwave system monitored by a paging system.

As the company expanded and upgraded to fiber-optic systems, they realized that their network had outgrown their monitoring capabilities. They needed to maintain comprehensive network visibility to protect their expanding service offerings.

In the fall of 1999, Cameron contacted DPS Telecom. After researching their options, they deployed an IAM Master and a fleet of KDA remotes.

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"We have been using DPS monitoring systems ever since," said Keith Liles, IP Data Supervisor for Cameron Communications. Keith has seen firsthand the effectiveness of using DPS solutions to monitor critical values, including power, generators, temperature, humidity, and battery voltage.

By implementing DPS monitoring solutions, Cameron took a big step toward protecting their network reliability.

Robust Monitoring Protects Critical Systems During Hurricane Rita

When Hurricane Rita struck Louisiana in the fall of 2005, Keith and his team saw their DPS remotes pass one of Mother Nature's fiercest tests.

extensive damage caused by hurricane rita
2005's Hurricane Rita caused extensive damage to many of Cameron Communications' office sites

Even though the Cameron staff relocated to another central office, they still had to watch over their network. "We were still able to monitor all of our sites and pick up alarms," Keith said. "DPS monitoring allowed us to have an accurate overview of our entire network at a very critical time."

Entire buildings were destroyed during the 2005 hurricane
Entire buildings were destroyed during the 2005 hurricane

The ability to view their network during Hurricane Rita was invaluable to Keith and his team. "We could see what happened through our entire network," added Keith. "It allowed us to make sure our Central Office generators were running."

Many of Cameron Communications' sites suffered irreparable damage
Many of Cameron Communications' sites suffered irreparable damage

Comprehensive DPS Training Boosts Monitoring Efficiency

During his recent visit to DPS Headquarters for a factory training event, Keith appreciated the in-depth knowledge that he received in class. "The ASCII and SNMP training definitely helped out," said Keith. "It gave me information on shortcuts, tips, and tricks that I never knew about."

Keith also valued the insight he gained about ASCII interrogation. He learned how T/Mon can be used to extract alarm data from text messages and notify technicians by phone or pager. "I have been very satisfied with DPS solutions and training," said Keith.

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So satisfied, in fact, that the company recently upgraded to a new T/Mon NOC. During installation, the DPS Tech Support team helped Cameron to turn-up their new master. "DPS was there 100%," Keith said. "T/Mon is working great for us."

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