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Video: Top Causes of Animal Damage at Your Remote Telecom Sites

You may not have considered the threats that animals can pose to your remote telecom sites. They're usually just looking for a warm nesting site (or an easy meal...), but that doesn't mean they can't cause major problems.

From plugged air filters to chewed fiber optic cables, find out some of the most common (and sometimes spectacular) ways that animals can sabotage your remote facilities - and how you can detect them.

Real-World Animal Stories Include:

You'll learn about:

  1. Rodents chewing fiber optic cables
  2. Snakes in remote telecom huts
  3. Ospreys nesting on top of antenna towers
  4. Eagles accidentally shorting transformers with their broad wingspan
  5. Acorns jammed into a microwave system
  6. Other bizarre and surprising cases of animal damage...

In this video, Joseph will describe some of the best stories he heard while calling real-world DPS clients. You'll hear surprisingly destructive stories from seemingly mundane (and a few exotic) animal species.

Monitor your sites BEFORE your next animal incident

With good remote monitoring, you can detect (and often prevent) animal damage. Start by reviewing your RTU options for monitoring remote sites.

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