How to Get What You Need

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How to Get What You Need

The key to achieving your outside-plant monitoring goals is to get all of the functionality you need in a single box. Don't bother with a solution composed of several devices. That means more purchasing and a good chance that you won't have enough physical space in your rack. You will also have more user interfaces to learn, more power drain, more things that could go wrong, more points of contact for ordering, and more issues with interoperability. A single-device solution fits comfortably in your rack and budget, and it will cause you fewer headaches down the road.

Watch Out for Proposals that Don't Actually Meet All of Your Needs

Good T1 monitoring solutions are out there, but you do need to watch out for some common pitfalls when considering your options.

Carefully examine any claim about compact size. A lot of proposals you review may advertise themselves as fitting in a single rack unit, but they actually require much more space upon closer examination. For example, an RTU might truly have a one-rack-unit chassis, but if you have to terminate to a separate patch panel, you're really going to need a lot more rack space than you thought.

Let us help you find your dream monitoring system, give us a call and talk to an experienced engineer who can recommend exactly what you need.

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