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Monitoring is No Longer as Hard as You Think

You may have thought that extending your WAN, deploying monitoring, and implementing a series of terminal servers would be an incredible feat of engineering, logistics, and deployment, requiring lots of capital budget and more time than you will ever have.

The reality is that an integrated solution, such as the NetGuardian 216T, addresses all of these issues. It allows you to, in a single-rackunit and DC-powered device, address your T1 interface (FrameRelay or PPP), discrete alarm monitoring, and analog alarm monitoring, remotely control devices via relays, perform terminal server functionality, and provide 7 all-important LAN feeds that will bring your other site elements (including your technicians' laptops) into your network.

Achieving visibility at sites outside of your LAN isn't as hard as you think. In fact, it's a lot easier than trying to maintain uptime without adequate monitoring and without access to revenue-generating equipment.

It's All About ROI

After you take time to fairly assess the high costs of not monitoring adequately, installing a high-quality monitoring device is a no-brainer. It only takes a few saved truck rolls or prevented outages for good monitoring equipment to pay for itself, resulting in an excellent ROI that will make you (and your boss) happy.

Windshield Time Expense
Deploying monitoring equipment at your outside plant sites will prevent unnecessary truck rolls that eat away at your profits.

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Get a Custom Application Diagram of Your Perfect-Fit Monitoring System

There is no other network on the planet that is exactly like yours. For that reason, you need to build a monitoring system that's the right fit for you.

"Buying more than you need" and "buying less than you need" are real risks. You also have to think about training, tech support, and upgrade availability.

Send me a quick online message about what you're trying to accomplish. I'll work with you to build a custom PDF application diagram that's a perfect fit for your network.

Make an Informed Decision

Your network isn't off-the-shelf.

Your monitoring system shouldn't be, either.

Customized monitoring application drawing

We'll walk you through this with a customized monitoring diagram.

Just tell us what you're trying to accomplish with remote monitoring.

Get a Custom Diagram