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CDMA Wireless Interface Alarm Monitoring and Reporting with the AlphaMax RTU

CDMA Wireless Interface Alarm Monitoring and Reporting with the AlphaMax RTU
CDMA Wireless Interface Alarm Monitoring and Reporting with the AlphaMax RTU
Equipment Used:

How This Application Works:

This proposal consists of a single AlphaMax 82A, a single CDMA Wireless Modem, and a single UPS Connector Block for the use with your tower site.

The AlphaMax 82A is not only one of our best selling smaller capacity network elements; it's also one of our least expensive. The AlphaMax 82A has a capacity of 8 discrete inputs, and 2 control outputs. The 8 discrete inputs allow you to monitor 8 different environmental conditions. Beyond just monitoring door entry violations at your temporary building, you will be able to monitor other alarm points such as commercial power, room temperature, etc.

Anytime a fault alarm is detected, the AlphaMax 82A will be able to page you or send a detailed description of the alarm to your Blackberry using the CDMA Wireless Modem.

This of course will depend on who is your cellular service provider. The AlphaMax's built in modem will not only dial to your pager directly to report a fault or alarm, but once alerted, you will be able to dial into the AlphaMax and control up to 2 different pieces of equipment i.e. back up generator, turning lights on, etc.

We have included the UPS for the AlphaMax 82 that will allow continuous alarm reporting for up to 1 hour after all power has failed. The CDMA wireless interface will provide dial up with POTS connectivity over a CDMA wireless network, depending on the cellular service provider. The CDMA wireless interface will support the AlphaMax via RS232 interface.

Before you purchase the AlphaMax 82A, we can test your cellphone or Blackberry from our cellphone site here. Of course we will still have to see if it will work in conjunction with your cellphone site and CDMA modem wireless provider.

Installing the AlphaMax 82A is easy and quick. It mounts nearly anywhere - on the wall or in an equipment rack or frame. Optional screw-lug or wire-wrap connection blocks make wiring up alarms simple and trouble-free. The AlphaMax 82A is available for either DC or AC power, or the only network connection it needs is a phone line.

Configuring your AlphaMax 82A unit is even simpler. Just create a configuration file with the included Windows software and upload it to your AlphaMax 82A via modem. You can configure every AlphaMax in your network without leaving your desk.