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ASCII Alarm Management Solution for the Real World

The TMon/IAM Remote Alarm Management System is the proven solution for extracting detailed alarm notifications from raw ASCII text in real time.

The TMon/IAM Remote Alarm Management System

  • Parses ASCII input from switches, routers, PBXs and any other ASCII equipment.
  • Automatically extracts relevant alarm messages from ASCII text.
  • Filters out irrelevant data and nuisance alarms.
  • Provides immediate notification of ASCII alarms via pager and email.

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Why TMon is the right solution for ASCII alarm management

  • No complex ASCII configuration - TMon's auto-databasing software automatically parses ASCII input.
  • ASCII alarm notifications in real time - not on a paper log printout.
  • No cryptic command strings to extract alarm data.
  • Instant notification of ASCII alarms to your pager or email in box.
  • Detailed alarm description of what the problem is, where it's located, its severity level even instructions for correcting the alarm.

Benefits of ASCII alarm management

  • More descriptive alarm notifications than summary major-minor alarms
  • Diagnose switch and router problems at the card level.
  • Make dispatch decisions with full information.
  • Eliminate expensive after-hours truck rolls for minor problems.
  • Ensure that every dispatch has a tech with the right tools, training and supplies on the first truck roll.

The TMon/IAM Remote Alarm Management System is a unique integrated system for monitoring all your network alarms, regardless of manufacturer or protocol. Combine ASCII alarm management with discretes, analogs, SNMP, TL1 and over 30 other protocols.

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