Your 5 Biggest "Aha!" Moments From DPS Factory Training NY

Thank you to all those who attended DPS Telecom's Remote Factory Training in New York.

Just like the classes held at DPS headquarters in Fresno, CA., our students received 4 days of training on RTUs (TempDefenders), T/Mon, and SNMP. The class allows you to set up and configure your own RTU in a controlled environment. Students learn how to configure their devices on the T/Mon Master Station, including SNMP theory and messaging.

"I liked really finding out other tricks and things that my DPS gear can do."

New York Class Photo
The 4-day course in Queens (Long Island City, NY) covered RTUs, the T/Mon master station, and SNMP.

"It was great to learn the potential of DPS products."

During class, we asked each students for their biggest "Aha!" moments - something new that they didn't know before.

The Top 5 "Aha!" Moments from the New York Training Class:

  1. Derived Controls: The ability to build logic into control relays
  2. SNMP Theory & Practice: Sending & Receving Traps, Working with MIBs
  3. Built-In Power Monitoring on DPS devices: Measuring input voltage from rectifiers and battery plants
  4. Firmware updates: Quickly add new features free
  5. DPS Telecom's "Extensive In-House Manufacturing Process" (video below)

1. Derived Controls: The ability to build logic into control relays

Derived Control Diagram
Derived controls use simple OR/AND logic to combine alarms, time of day, and other inputs to trigger actions. This image demonstrates Derived Controls managed by the master station, but it's also possible for a smart RTU to support Derived Control logic without requiring a master station at all.

Derived Controls are simple logical formulas that you write into your RTU or master station. You can turn on/off a generator when commercial power fails, remotely lock a door after business hours, or turn on an HVAC system when the site temperature hits a certain threshold. These are a possibilities when you use a monitoring device's built-in intelligence between discretes & control relays.

2. SNMP Theory & Practice: Sending & Receving Traps, Working with MIBs

"Learning SNMP was useful, especially now that we need no more MIB compilation."

Day 4 of Factory Training covers SNMP. While most DPS devices support SNMP, it is an open standard used by thousands of devices. For many students, class gave them solid fundamental skills on a topic they had heard a lot about but had never used before. Many were surprised to find out how useful SNMP can be. They also learned how T/Mon Device Modules eliminate the hassle of struggling with difficult MIB compilation.

3. Built-In Power Monitoring on DPS Devices

"I like that you can monitor voltage on same source feeding the unit."

Many DPS RTUs have analog channels internally tied to their dual power inputs. This makes it easy for you to monitor power input voltage on the same source that's feeding the unit. There's no additional wiring required, and dual A/B power inputs mean that you can monitor two different voltages at the same (ex. rectifier and battery plant).

4. Firmware updates: Quickly add new features free

On Day 1 of class, students learn to use DPS RTUs. When you buy a DPS RTU, you are entitled to free, lifetime firmware upgrades. Updates are easy to install using the web browser interface.

5. DPS Telecom's "Extensive In-House Manufacturing Process"

Take the Factory Tour! See the DPS manufacturing process from start to finish.

DPS manufactures all of our RTUs and master stations at our headquarters in Fresno, CA, USA. This is an unusual practice, so it tends to surprise our students and visitors. We've always manufactured equipment in-house to maintain top quality and our ability to adjust hardware & software to meet your needs.

Get your own 'Aha!' moment at DPS Factory Training

Register today for the next DPS Factory Training Event. Act now - class sizes are kept small to allow individualized instruction customized for your DPS equipment and application. You'll get answers to your questions that are much easier to address in a classroom setting.

Sign up online or call 1-800-693-0351 now to reserve your spot.

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