This multi-protocol master station mediates SCADA protocols to SNMP

Are you watching different monitoring screens for SCADA and SNMP alarms? Now, you have the option of joining all of your Modbus SCADA alarms with your SNMP manager.

With the Modbus software module installed, the T/Mon SLIM makes an excellent Modbus to SNMP converter. You will now be able to see Modbus alarms on your SNMP manager. T/Mon SLIM requires only one rack unit of physical space, won't destroy your budget, and has just the right capacity for converting alarms from several Modbus devices.

Remember that this alarm master mediation function is more advanced than simple SNMP mediation by an RTU. While an RTU is taking local alarm inputs and turning them into protocol messages, a master station is taking alarms from one or more other protocols and converting them into SNMP. This means that a master station enables your older remote devices and RTUs to continue serving under a modern master like an SNMP manager.

SNMP Manager Diagram

About T/Mon SLIM

T/Mon SLIM offers many of the same functions as a full-scale T/Mon master station, simply sized to suit small and medium networks. It's an excellent way to start your remote management schemes, and upgrade credits are available later if you need increased capacity.

T/Mon DNP3 Support

As part of our ongoing commitment to meeting your exact needs, DPS has added DNP3 protocol support in T/Mon. The DNP3 software module for T/Mon adds this capability. This module allows you to bring alarms from one of the dominant SCADA protocols under your T/Mon umbrella. Once your DNP3 alarms are in T/Mon, they can be mediated to SNMP traps and act as triggers for phone and/or email alerts, as well as a variety of other powerful functions.

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