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How to Reduce Your Warehouse Security System Cost by Eliminating the Middleman

warehouse security system

In a sprawling national economy, warehouses dot the landscape across densely urban areas and far-flung remote locations. But no matter where they are, they need security. They need to be monitored around the clock. There are too many things - accidental and intentional - that can go wrong.

If you're looking to monitor a remote station, your warehouse security system cost is going to be both mission-critical and expensive. This isn't an area where you carelessly cut corners, as a half-measure security system is barely more helpful than none at all. It might even be "worse than useless" if it feeds you incorrect information and a false sense of security.

There's a way to save money while ensuring the highest standards of quality: you can get your warehouse security system straight from the manufacturer, cutting out the middleman, and working directly with the experts.

If you get your security system from the manufacturer, you can cut costs and time of service, and you will receive the highest level of customer support - because you'll be talking to the people who designed and built your gear. You'll work with the people who know the system best. You can also protect what matters, around the clock, without worrying. No matter where your warehouse is, it will offer top-of-the-line security over your vital assets.

The Benefits of a Remote Warehouse Security System

A Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) is part of a network of connected monitors that can register discrete and analog events in your warehouse. The status of these RTUs are reported to a central responder, like the NetGuardian, which can distribute alarms based on what is happening at your warehouse. These alarms can be organized and prioritized, with emergencies going to the person who can help the most.

So what do RTUs monitor in your warehouse? Here are some examples:

  • Security
  • Building access
  • Temperature
  • Power outages/surges
  • Smoke sensors
  • Propane tank sensors
  • More depending on your customization requirements

Basically, RTUs can monitor anything you need.

Attaching custom sensors to RTUs for monitoring and notification of smoke or fire is particularly important. If your warehouse or distribution center is unattended or lightly-staffed off-hours, there might be no one to report a fire. But an RTU can relay a signal that temperatures are rising, and there is smoke. These events trigger a warning. This can be sent immediately to the local fire station.

Getting the right people to the warehouse without wasting time is the key to saving money. The other important way to maintain efficiency is through warehouse security.

The Importance of Warehouse Security

Here's an incredible statistic: in recent years, 40% of delivery drivers reported that they had been propositioned about stealing goods (Supply Chain News). And when you consider that the people who said "Sure!" were probably less likely to report, the numbers could go up from there.

Don't believe it?

Think about this: in the U.S. alone, cargo theft accounts for $30-50 billion in loss each year. Only 20% of it ever gets recovered.

It's easy to see why. The internet makes it easy to sell stolen goods second-hand. So, it may be tempting for someone to go where they shouldn't go in your warehouse, steal goods, turn them over, and walk away easy. That's why you need building access security - to monitor every door.

If someone opens a door they shouldn't, you can get an alert from your remote electronic Building Access System (BAS), which can send an alarm to an internal or external security force. Even better, you can keep them from getting in at all (and receive alarms if the system is down). That's a great way to deter theft.

Why Going Right to the Manufacturer Works Best

Okay, so now you may be considering remote monitoring. In today's age, it's a must. But should you go to the manufacturer or a third-party distributor, aka, a middleman? There are a few reasons why going directly to the manufacturer is a safer choice.

  1. Manufacturers are the experts for their products. We know some very smart middlemen, no doubt. However, a manufacturer understands exactly what their product can do and will easily match you with the services you need most.
  2. Custom plans. A distributor is selling products; a manufacturer is creating plans. They have the flexibility that comes from in-depth knowledge and will apply their expertise to your unique situation, coming up with a suite of products and services that matches your exact needs.
  3. Reduced service time. If you go through a distributor, you'll need to go through them to obtain service. This can be annoying if you are looking to upgrade or want to troubleshoot. It can be a disaster if there's a fire that needs to be put out, and service response is delayed.
  4. Quicker upgrades. Warehouse security systems are always improving. There will always be ways to upgrade your system. The manufacturer knows how to upgrade your unique system with a custom plan. After all, they designed it.
  5. Stability. Sales teams shift priorities or go out of business. If you go with a manufacturer that has been around and will be around, you don't have to worry about suddenly no longer having a point of contact. That's important if you intend to stick around as a business.

So, we've talked about why you want warehouse security from the kind of manufacturer that will be around and can help you. But how do you find that manufacturer?

How to Find the Right Remote Security Manufacturer

The most important thing to do is to ask questions. When buying remote monitoring systems, you don't want to settle on the first company you run across. This might be a make-or-break purchase for your company. Be sure you base it on solid information.

Here are some important questions to ask when buying remote monitoring services directly from the manufacturer.

  • Do you have U.S.-based tech support team I can rely on?
  • Have you done work in my industry?
  • Do you offer customization?
  • What about training?
  • Do you offer warranties?

Before going shopping, though, it is incumbent upon you to understand what you need. We recommend you collect basic details about recent incidents so that we can help you organize your priorities. That way, when you talk to the manufacturer, you can see if a custom plan can be created for you.

Talk to people in the industry. Get the word on the street. Verify with people you can trust. And, then talk to manufacturers to find someone who offers you the security that you need.

Reducing costs doesn't mean having to sacrifice the quality of your warehouse security system.

In fact, you can improve the quality of your remote monitoring for the long haul by eliminating the middleman and working directly with the manufacturer. It's a smaller investment and a better return. It's an intelligent way to reduce your risk.

DPS Telecom has the experience and expertise to help companies monitor what matters most - including warehouse security systems. Our technicians can work with you to install RTUs with easy-to-use monitoring interfaces and more automatic responses. Reach out and get a quote today!

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