Monitoring Gear: How To Buy Directly From The Manufacturer

Morgana Siggins
Morgana Siggins
Monitoring Specialist

Regardless of your industry, remote monitoring is something that's vital to safeguard your operations. For that reason, you need to get monitoring devices from SOMEWHERE. Broadly speaking, your two most common options are to deal directly with the manufacturer or indirectly through a distributor.

Depending on the manufacturer, some will only sell to customers directly, others are distribution-only, and some will sell both directly and through distributors.

So, the question is: what's the best choice when it comes to ordering your remote monitoring products?

Let's dive a little bit more into these two purchasing methods, why we (at DPS) sell directly and also have distributors and the key benefits of choosing to buy your network monitoring from a manufacturer.

Buying Remote Monitoring from a Distributor -vs- from a Manufacturer

Purchasing from a distributor or from a manufacturer directly are very different methods:

Both of these options can offer benefits for you, but - in terms of remote monitoring - buying directly from a manufacturer might bring you more value down the line. Here are some of the headaches you avoid when buying direct:

The number of things that could potentially go wrong with the distribution method are innumerable. How can you be guaranteed quality products when the company you're working with doesn't make it themselves? Can they answer questions, simple or complex, that you have during each step of the process? There shouldn't be a doubt in your mind that the company you buy from can fulfill these basic expectations.

Does DPS Have Distributors?

We do sell directly to our clients around the world. We manufacture and distribute our own products from our headquarters in Fresno, CA. It's uncommon for us to use third-party distributors because our full-service approach works best when we work directly with you. We do, however, work with distributors when you already have one you like and prefer it that way.

Remote monitoring system manufacturer
DPS Telecom is a vertically integrated company where all of its manufacturing, engineering and tech support is completed at our HQ located in Fresno, California.

Despite the fact that direct sales is our main selling model, we also have clients that find it easier to work through known distributors, simply because they're already into their system. So, because of that, we have established relationships with several major companies. This way we can sell indirectly through a distributor if that works best for your company and project.

If this is the option you're most comfortable with, we provide the same high level of service to the distributor of your choice, as we would when interacting directly with you. We make sure that the proper device is spec-ed and sold, and makes it to you. Also, our sales and support lines are open to the distributors so that you get exactly what you need. Once you receive and start using your monitoring gear, you're always able to contact our support team directly.

Some of our distributors are: Walker, Amex, and Graybar.

Some of the Advantages of Direct Buying

The days when you had to rely only on retailers and wholesalers to purchase your remote monitoring equipment are long gone. Now you can have access to many different products directly from manufacturers.

It's no different with remote monitoring, and there are many great reasons why companies are now preferring to deal directly with a manufacturer instead of buying from distributors.

As a matter of fact, here are the main reasons why direct buying can be more valuable:

There are no cracks to fall through when you choose a manufacturer that works directly with you.

Finding a reliable company to engineer exactly what you need is a critical part of ensuring your project's success, so don't add to your stress or waste time with a company that doesn't focus on what you need.

We Can Help You Get More Benefits with Your Purchase

Now that you know the benefits of buying remote monitoring devices directly, don't leave your network monitoring needs in just anyone's hands.

SCADA engineering
Our unusual strategy of vertical integration allows us to be flexible to your needs. From start to finish we work with you to design and manufacture a perfect fit alarm monitoring solution.

There is a simple way to avoid the confusion and headache of the typical supply chain: choose to work with a company that does everything themselves: engineering, manufacturing, testing, and distributing the network alarm monitoring services. Providing these services ourselves makes every single step easier and less painful for you.

The bottom line here is: whether you prefer to buy directly from a manufacturer or you'd rather purchase from a known distributor - no matter what purchasing option works best for you, we have a remote monitoring solution that will get you exactly what you need.

If you want any further information about the range of products we offer, or how we could help you choose the most appropriate monitoring unit for your remote sites, feel free to contact us today.

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