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QuickTips E-Magazine - November 18, 2003

DPS Telecom - We protect your network like your business depends on it
November 18, 2003
Volume 1, Issue 6
Last chance to improve your network reliability before the end of the year.
Ron Stover - DPS Telecom Technical Support
Ron Stover
DPS Telecom
Technical Support

The holiday rush is just about to hit us all. Every year around this time, we get a mad rush of urgent requests for delivery before the end of the year, while budget money is still available.

We've got an amazing manufacturing department who is usually able to accommodate these requests, but there are always a lot of logistics, planning, and coordination required to pull it off.

So help us help you by getting your order in right away. If you've been sitting on a project, now's the time to push it through before your 2003 budget money is gone.

Your last chance to sign up for our next factory training session is coming fast too. The next class is the 2nd week of December (the 8th-11th). Don't delay.

Network reliability is particularly important now, with number portability going into effect for both wireless and wireline customers. Up to 10% of your customers are expected to switch, according to Gartner.

Improving your network reliability is the best way to retain your customers. Poor network reliability causes 15% of customer churn - it's the leading cause of churn that is completely under your control.

And the proven way to increase your network's reliability is through proactive network reliability management. Enhancements to your real-time network monitoring ability have a direct impact on your customer retention, revenue, and profits.

So invest your fourth quarter budget in your network - and your business. Call your DPS Telecom Applications Engineer today at 1-800-693-0351 to learn more about how proactive reliability management can improve your bottom line.

Ron Stover,
DPS Telecom Technical Support

P.S. This is your last chance to order from DPS Telecom and receive your delivery before the end of 2003, so call 1-800-693-0351 now.

Factory Training Participants Agree: "This Class Will Make Your Job Easier"

"I'd hate to try to do this [Network Reliability Management] without it."
- Bryce Pursely

What's the real value of DPS Telecom Factory Training? We talked to four clients who have taken the class, and they summed it up with one bottom-line statement: "This class will make your job easier."

DPS Telecom Factory Training includes expert instruction, hands-on training, and a chance to experiment with network reliability management equipment in a risk-free environment.

Best of all, DPS Factory Training gives you a solid grounding in the real-world network reliability management tasks you'll face in your job ...

How DPS Telecom Factory Training makes network reliability management easier and more effective ...

How to Synchronize Your NetGuardian with a Network Time Protocol Server

Synchronize Your NetGuardian with a Network Time Protocol Server
Synchronize your NetGuardian with a LAN NTP server. Accurate and consistent timekeeping is essential for best-quality alarm management.

We've added a highly useful new feature to the NetGuardian 832A - Network Time Protocol Synchronization

Accurate and consistent timekeeping is essential for best-quality network reliability management. Knowing exactly when an alarm happened is often as important as knowing where.

If your NetGuardian has firmware version 2.9F or later, you can easily configure your unit for NTP configuration.

(As a value-added service to our clients, all DPS remotes have always come with free lifetime firmware upgrades. All you have to do is search for your RTU here.)

How to synchronize your NetGuardian to Internet NTP servers ...

T/MonXM Tip: How to Optimize Your T/MonXM Windows to Provide At-A-Glance Network Status

Optimize your T/MonXM windows layout to provide at-a-glance network status
Optimize your T/MonXM windows layout to provide at-a-glance network status

One of the most powerful features of T/.MonXM is that it integrates all your network monitoring elements into a uniform display, giving you a bird's-eye view of the status of your entire network.

Having one display for all your network alarms is more than a convenience. It saves time and trouble, ensuring that your monitoring staff doesn't have to search for critical information, lowering response times and increasing network reliability.

You can easily create this integrated bird's-eye display by optimizing your use of T/MonXM's alarm windows ...

Optimizing your alarm windows for maximum visibility ...

Are you still running an older version of T/MonXM? The new T/MonXM 4.2 includes over 50 separate improvements, including new capabilities and time-saving user features. Software upgrades are free to T/Mon Gold Plan subscribers, just one of the many benefits of the T/Mon Gold Plan.

Praise From Our Partners

Niagara Mohawk - A National Grid Company


I would like to express my Thanks for all the help the "Tech Support Line" provided in our effort to interface the DPM-216 to an MDS 900SS data radio system that we use in our service territory.

This was a first attempt to use a DPM-216 and a data radio. The interface could not have been accomplished without your support, the expert knowledge of your staff (Chad [Linnenbrick - Tech Support Specialist]) on your equipment shortened our implementation time of the system greatly.

We look forward to many years of a problem free system (in a perfect world), but if we don't we feel very comfortable knowing the "Tech Support Line" is on the job.

Don Brzezinski
Comm. Tech. Communications