NetMediator and KDAs:
Troubleshoot TBOS Ports With This Test Set...

Test Your TBOS Ports For Potential Problems <i><br>Before</i> Deployment... Test Your TBOS Ports For Potential Problems Before Deployment...

Equipment Used:

How This Application Works:

A TBOS Test Set will allow you to test NetMediator and KDA TBOS ports to make sure they're functioning before deployment. You can also use the test set as an aid to troubleshoot potential problems. The TBOS Test Set will prove its usefulness time after time in the field.

The TE2 / TBOS Test Set with interface can be permanently mounted to a flat surface or temporarily placed on desk or table. It will allow the serial port of the computer to couple to a 202-modem or to the RS422/485 facilities found in TBOS networks. The TE2 / TBOS test set includes Responder, Interrogator, and Monitor Modes. The set will come equipped with the test set interface hardware, AC adapter, cables, and soft vinyl carrying case.

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