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The Protocol - March 2002

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President's Letter: Increased consumer expectations lead to a new pitch for network reliability

Robert A. Berry, CEO
Robert A. Berry,

Many major telephone, cable, and Internet service providers are pitching network reliability as a selling point to prospective customers. This is a result of increased competition as well as clients who expect reliable service 100% of the time.

Companies can no longer offer just the lowest prices or best rate plans, today's consumers are looking for performance and reliability. Customer retention is key to the success of a business, and given today's staggering 14% average churn rate, it is imperative that companies provide top level service.

In 2002 alone, companies will spend an estimated $1.7 billion recovering losses from churn due to network reliability.

Our research has shown that 67% of companies are now offering some form of a Service Level Agreement with their larger clients. When you consider that 57% of network outages are caused by equipment failures, you can see that you MUST have adequate network and equipment monitoring to remain a viable competitor.

To prevent such losses, companies need adequate network monitoring to ensure maximum uptime and optimal performance. Call us today and let us help you keep your customers.

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Praise from our Partners: Todd Matherne explains what a great benefit the new SNMP responder module for the T/MonXM has been

Dear Eric Storm,

I would personally like to let you know how beneficial the installation of the SNMP responder [into T/MonXM] was to the mission of our department. We are currently in the process of migrating all our alarms to a central platform HP Openview. We have established network communication to all of our newly deployed services but were looking for a way to integrate our local ILEC region into Openview without a major network change. The SNMP responder was the answer. After working with HP Openview for sometime now, I was able to compile the MIB and, with a little bit of customization work, immediately begin receiving traps.

This migration will allow us not only to monitor all alarms in one spot, but also build extensive collection reports of our whole network. I would also like to thank both John and Ron in tech support. I had the pleasure of working with John during our upgrade to the IAM's. Ron has been quite informative in keeping our platforms stable. Both John and Ron are my two primary sources of information when I need assistance.

Thank you,

Todd Matherne
NCC Sys. Admin.
Gonzales, Louisiana