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The Protocol - Aug/Sep 2002

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President's Letter: Look for stability in Telecom's uncertain economy

Robert A. Berry, CEO
Robert A. Berry, CEO

In today's uncertain economy, characteristics such as stability and longevity in a company are more important than ever. We all get a little nervous when we see once-strong companies failing fast and hard.

According to government statistics, 60% of startups are no longer in business after six years, and 70% have ceased to exist after eight. It's easy to find yourself wondering who will be the next to go.

That's why we at DPS Telecom take every step necessary to ensure the solidity of our company. As businesses come and go, DPS Telecom has withstood the test of time, and this is evident in our strong client base. Companies such as AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Motorola, and Siemens have come to rely on DPS because of our quality products, our sound business practices, and our commitment to long-term relationships.

By choosing DPS, you can rest easy knowing that we'll be around as long as you are.

Bob Berry Signature

Praise from our Partners:
XO Communications impressed with turnup support

Dear Bob,

I was given the task of coordinating the upgrade of all eight of XO's DPS T/Mon and IAM installations. I was new to the company and had never worked with any DPS products before; the logistics of upgrading other element management systems in different cities around the U.S. while I worked in North Dallas seemed complex, if not impossible.

XO consulted with DPS engineers and developed a plan to install Ethernet network cards into each of our T/Mon and IAM systems so that we could receive each system's alarms as SNMP traps at our central management system in Texas. Furthermore, we planed to upgrade each T/Mon and IAM box to the latest release of software.

During the upgrade project, whenever we needed help, the DPS technical staff quickly analyzed the situation and provided and effective solution. They were happy to explain the solution to our XO technicians and walk them through a procedure, and they were equally willing to dial into the system via modem and execute the procedure themselves.

Everyone I have dealt with at DPS has been friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. DPS' technical support staff is a refreshing change in the industry where customer service is declining.

Thank you to everyone at DPS that contributed to the success of this network project at XO. I certainly did not expect the level of contribution and dedication that XO received from DPS.

Thank you,

Jerrid Hamann
Systems Engineer
XO Communications