The Protocol - Jan/Feb 2000

Featured Employee: Darin Simmons - DPS' Master of Web Design

Darin Simmons
Darin Simmons

Darin Simmons has just joined the DPS family as our web designer. The DPS management team brainstormed to determine what would give our customers the best access and improve usability to information on DPS Telecom and its products. With Simmons' help, the website now has the look and feel we desire.

The website now has a more streamline appearance, structured format and organized data. Simmons has expanded the website's frequent question section, added a help desk and posted a bulletin board for customer comments and questions.

A more logical search engine has been added to make DPS' website easier to navigate using keywords. The website will soon be adding video and audio presentations and continue to be under constant expansion to better serve you.

When asked how he liked DPS' atmosphere, Simmons said, " I enjoy DPS Telecom's unique environment."

Simmons was born in San Diego and has lived in Fresno most of his life. He graduated from California State University, Fresno in Industrial Technology and Graphic Communications. He began by creating HTML sites and worked his way up to CGI programming."I have been designing websites since the earliest browsers came out," he recalls, "I've always wanted to be part of the Internet any way I could."

Praise from our Partners

Dear Eric,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the solution you provided to BAGNI for the collection and reporting of discrete and environmental alarms. I appreciate the quick and professional manner in which you approached the task. Other vendors received the same information to respond to and I can say that DPS was the only one to respond with a cost-effective solution. You knew exactly what was needed and presented the KDA-864 SNMP as the product to fill our needs. We were able to use our existing 10-BaseTEthernet to transport alarms to our Network Fault Management system. The KDA is easy to program and configure and was an easy install.

The level of technical support was outstanding. As you know when interfacing with another vendor's products, there is lots of finger pointing when things are not working properly. Your technical support group was very cooperative and worked with the other vendor to solve the compatibility issue that arose during turnup.

B. Herlihy

Website Update

DPS has some big plans for its website. We have brought aboard a full-time web designer and are in the process of making it easier to find the information you are looking for. We are restructuring our menus and site layout so that it has a more consistent feel. You'll notice that it is no longer in a framed format, making every page easier to print and bookmark.

Snapshot of website

Locating our website is easier. We have acquired a new domain name: www.dpstelecom.com.

Can't find what you are looking for? Try our new search engine located at the top of every page.

Future plans include an expanded F.A.Q. section, color product photos, help desk, streaming audio and video and much more! Please visit our new site and e-mail the Webmaster at webdev@dpstele.com. He'll be happy to answer any website related questions for you.

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