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The Protocol - May/Jun 1999

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Praise from our Partners: We are Committed to Client Satisfaction

Mr Berry,

I guess a little background is in order-

For four years, I was part of a team here at Southern, which was charged with evaluation, selection and deployment of an RTU product to monitor The Southern Company digital microwave network. DPS was selected as the vendor of choice, with the KDA832 RTU as the primary RTU. Since the selection was made, we have utilized some of your other products where it made sense to do so. We have deployed between 150 to 200 units during this endeavor. We utilize the T/Mon as the polling master. Our main build out is now complete, and I am now in Project Management. Part of my duties is the development evaluation and deployment of our monitoring system on an ongoing basis.

A customer, as it relates to dealing with a vendor, can sometimes have an experience that is not too pleasant. However, this is not the case with DPS. I have never called on any of your people without being treated in the most friendly and courteous manner. You are to be commended for the culture you have engendered with your folks at DPS. A customer can normally expect this type of treatment when dealing with sales. What's really amazing, is that I experience the same treatment when dealing with your service people- I've never been told, "This is not our problem." Honestly, on several occasions, it wasn't your problem, but a case of the "dumbs" on my part. Your people always guided me to the solution of the problem, regardless of "whose" problem it was.

I have talked with several of the DPS family over the years, but there are two that I really wish you to take note of, Lee Rodriguez and Ron Stover. These two have been my mainstays with DPS. In addition to the above adjectives, add motivated, eager, efficient, etc.

It has been a pleasure dealing with DPS over the years. I look forward to continuing to do so.


R. Boston - GA

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