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The Protocol - May/Jun 1999

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Robert Poore Values Tech Support Experience

Robert Poore
Robert Poore

If you've recently needed technical support on KDA, DPM or AlphaMax remotes, it's likely you've spoken with Robert Poore, a graduate of DeVry Technical Institute's electronic technician program.

Robert's assignment at DPS includes internal technical support for engineers and programmers, as well as technical support for our partners outside.

"I appreciate DPS giving me an opportunity to expand my knowledge of electronics," comments Robert. "Working the technical support position has been very good experience. I find our customers to be pretty knowledgeable."

He finds DPS to be in a "very interesting field. It is unusual to find so much use for a well established technology [telephony]."

In his spare time he enjoys Scuba diving. He wants to return to DeVry some day to earn his B.S. in Technical Management.

President's Letter: It's All About Insurance

Robert A. Berry, CEO
Robert A. Berry, CEO

Early on, I realized that we are not just selling technology. A lot of people come to our plant and see all of the computer gear and high tech equipment everywhere and they think, "Hey, this is an electronics and software company." That's not really what it's all about. It's about insuring network uptime and availability. We make sure your equipment is functioning so you can keep your customers. Our equipment helps you manage your personnel and the technical side of your network.

To provide you further insurance, we offer a complete Network Management product line. A piece-by-piece alarm monitoring solution is really no solution at all. The more types of gear from different vendors you deploy, the more communication and integration problems you are bound to have. A turnkey, customized solution will leverage your investment and enhance product features and functions while minimizing installation issues and deployment delays.

Call us today for a free alarm monitoring adequacy of coverage survey. Get some insurance for your network.


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