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NetGuardian 2000 and NetWatchman Join DPS Family

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NetGuardian 2000 and NetWatchman Join DPS Family

Network managers and operators will be able to rest better at night with NetGuardian 2000 or NetWatchman surveying the status of their networks. Besides keeping you informed via your SNMP Manager, they will also page you both day and night.

Keeping a watchful eye: NetGuardian
and NetWatchman will let you know how
your network is doing.

NetGuardian and NetWatchman are ideal for monitoring environmental conditions at remote sites, such as door activity, temperature, humidity, power status and air conditioning status. Knowing  what's happening at a site can help you avoid unwanted service interruptions and equipment failures.

In addition, NetGuardian and NetWatchman allow you to correct conditions at a location by sending commands to up to 8 control relays. Control relays can start standby power plants, turn on secondary A/C and operate door locks and security lights. Both of these new units will also "ping" up to 32 remote devices and report their status to your manager or pager.

NetGuardian monitors 32 Discrete Alarm Points, 8 Analog Alarm Points and operates 8 Control Relay Outputs. It pings up to 32 Remote Devices and provides 8 Serial Reach-Through Ports.

NetWatchman features 16 Discrete Alarm Points, 2 Analog Alarm Points and 2 Control Relay Outputs. It pings up to 32 Remote Devices and provides 4 Serial Reach-Through Ports. Reach-Through ports are used for a terminal server or to collect and forward alarm data.

Both units include a 10BaseT LAN and 33.6K dial modem. They report alarms to an SNMP Manager, DPS Element Manager or Pager. An LCD Display indicates local alarms.

Mountings can be adjusted for either 19" or 23" mountings. Power options are available for 120 VAC, -24VDC or -48VDC

For additional information please contact our sales department.

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