The Protocol - May/Jun 1999

KDA Sails Through Flame Unburned

Fully expecting a spectacular display of burning, Chuck Harmon eagerly watched the KDA remote through a viewing window as NTS Test Technician Marty McCormick inserted a steadily flaming burner into a hole in the side of the chassis. Nothing. "It's gone out," chimed Marty. "It's not going to burn!"

KDA refuses to burn
Hot: KDA refuses to burn!

A second test with the recording TV camera placed to closely observe the flame inside the unit quickly proved the validity of the test. The flame persisted for only a few seconds after the test began.

"Well, that's good," said Chuck excitedly.

"Even better, Chuck," Marty said, encouraging the moment, "it's wonderful. Your KDA Remote just passed!"

KDA with NIA card and KDA with Analog card get temp and humidity test together
Flexible: KDA with NIA card
and KDA with Analog card will
get temperature and humidity test

So began the grueling NEBS tests, with an unexpected success. Over the next several weeks other tests would be similarly successful, surviving drop tests, a simulated West Coast earthquake, a week of roasting, showers, acid rain and bombardment by intense radio waves.

While this may sound like a game, it's really serious business for DPS partners who need to locate equipment on Telco properties. The business is called NEBS, for Network Equipment Building Standards. Its purpose is to verify the safety and performance capability of products that provide an essential service to networks, like the KDA network element. We're heading to Level 3 NEBS!

Over the next year a number of DPS products will undergo this testing to assure that you, our partners, can choose to have the very best support from DPS.

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