Frontier Communications Manages Alarms Graphically with T/Mon and T/GrafX

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Frontier Communications of Burnsville, MN finds that their changeover to T/Mon and T/GrafX has really improved their alarm monitoring.

Julie Kourey, who works in Rick Herman's Network Services Group, has been working with the very graphical DPS interfaces since the initial turnup. She notes, "This system is very new and very visual--the colors make it extremely easy to spot a critical versus major or minor alarm."

Julie Kourey
Graphics T/Mon: Julie Kourey at Frontier console.

Frontier Communications' network monitors central offices in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Georgia for both environmental and equipment alarms. Their 24 hour/7 day a week operation depends on DPS to dependably offer, "equipment and environmental monitoring both--anything that would cause us to need to call someone in to fix some equipment or temperature control," says Kourey.

Her infrequent contacts with DPS Technical Support have worked well. "Whenever I've called them they are very available for us--they've been there everytime I've needed them."

Frontier has setup T/GrafX on their system and gives the controller the option to use the site-icon-marked map when it is needed. "Some people prefer the map," she says.

The T/Mon & T/GrafX solution has been a great addition to their center. Kourey said, "Our old system was very antiquated. All of the feedback that I've received from the other people is that they like it also!"

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