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Qwest Escapes Vendor Lockout by Using Four IAMs to Poll Pulsecom Dataloks

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DPS Telecom has provided support for Pulsecom Datalok 10 Series remotes since the early 1990s. In that time many satisfied clients have incorporated their legacy Pulsecom remotes into advanced monitoring solutions based on the IAM-5.

DPS Telecom has continued its support for clients with legacy gear, creating legacy support solutions for abandoned remotes by Badger, Dantel, Larse, and NEC.

The following article tells how a major telecom network operations center successfully transferred their legacy Pulsecom units to an IAM master.

Qwest's Dallas Network Operations Center (NOC) employs four IAMs running T/MonXM software to poll fault alarm data from its network.

Bob Mecchi supervises the center, which displays alarms on T/Access and T/Remote screens in two locations. Fault data is gathered from a multitude of Pulsecom Datalok 10A remotes and DPS Telecom KDA 864 network elements.

Bob Mecchi oversees Dallas NOC.
Bob Mecchi: oversees Dallas NOC.

In a recent interview, Mecchi described some of the uses they find for their system. "We monitor the Automatic Gain Control on the microwave radios. We monitor the station batteries, station temperatures and we use it for controlling the remote generators at the locations, to remotely start and stop them, if need be. We use them for turning computers on and off and for other applications."

Qwest began using DPS equipment about 5 years ago. Mecchi explained that in his search for a vendor his biggest concern was "the capability of being versatile, to not be just locked into one manufacturer's remote alarm unit, and DPS gave me that avenue."

Four IAMs poll Qwest Network.
Major power: Four IAMs poll Qwest Network.

Mecchi knew that the DPS solution would allow him to poll his existing Datalok units and the newer KDAs with the same manager, but found out about other capabilities after he had chosen DPS. "After I purchased was when I realized that the DPMs were another plus which suited our needs here and, in addition, afterwards found out about the TBOS as well that could be used with the KDAs."

Commenting about his DPS "partnership," he stated, "the biggest selling point for DPS is the customer satisfaction. Regardless of the trouble for DPS or the customer, DPS is willing to work to resolve the problem and expend the time needed to do so. DPS is not one of those companies that's trying to throw fault one way or the other. DPS is just basically there to resolve whatever the issue may be to get everything working correctly."

To find out for yourself how effective DPS client support is, give us a call and arrange your experience as a DPS "Partner!"

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