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TelMex Field Trial Proves TL-1 Bi-Directional Polling

A field trial of DPS Telecom's TL1 alarm reporting equipment has been successfully completed in the TelMex network in Mexico.

Telmex is a Mexican telecommunications company based in Mexico City. It provides telecommunications products and services in Mexico, Central America, and in the United States (as Telmex USA).

TelMex wanted to utilize the redundancy features of a ring network to gather fault data from remote network elements. The alarms needed to be converted to TL1 for forwarding to an operational support system (OSS).

TL1 Converter Shelf
Monitoring in action: TL1 Converter Shelf poll TelMex network front door/ back door.

DPS' solution was to poll each ring with a TL1 128 Converter using two modems to alternately poll the "front door" and the "back door" of the ring. The fault data is gathered from network elements using the highly efficient DCPX protocol, which encodes the status of each alarm point within a single bit.

The TL1 converter contains a database for up to 124 displays of alarms, providing the TID, AID, and other TL1 attributes for each point. The TL1 converter uses the information in the database to assemble an ASCII message for each alarm and forwards it to the OSS.

KDA 864 network elements are deployed at the remote sites to gather alarm status. Each KDA handles up to 64 discrete alarm points and provides 8 control relay outputs.

The front door / back door approach provides assurance that fault data will still be obtained from all locations if a break in the ring occurs. The system uses several mechanisms to determine not only failure status but the location of a break. Urgent action can then be taken to correct the communications problem.

The TelMex application is yet another example of a Dependable Powerful Solution meeting the needs of a DPS "partner." If you have a special problem in your network monitoring system, contact DPS inside sales. We have a solution for you.