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Do you have your own installers? Need turn-key service? DPS has options for you.

DPS Unit Installer
DPS units are fairly easy for your techs to install.

Are you looking for a quick monitoring solution that your team can install? Or perhaps you need a full service solution that includes install, support and training? Do you prefer to buy directly from a manufacturer, or would you rather purchase from a known distributor? No matter what purchasing options work best for you, DPS has a solution that will get you exactly what you need.

3 ways to work with DPS:

  1. "I just want to buy a master station and some RTUs, and have my team install them."

    If you are just looking for some guidance when purchasing, DPS can help! Our experienced sales team will help you pick the RTU and master that will work best for your system and then help you customize them to make sure you get everything you need. Have a dedicated install team? Great! There's no need to purchase that service again from your vendor and DPS doesn't require you to do so. Plus, we have 24/7 tech support and online resources that can help your techs through the install process.
  2. "I want my team to do the install, but I want DPS to help with on-site tech support and training."

    If you are looking for some equipment that your team can install, but also need a little on-site training, that's no problem. DPS will happily send someone out to show your network techs how to install the equipment, as well as how to use it to its fullest potential. Once the DPS technician has left, you can always call tech support 24/7 for additional help.

    DPS also offers free Factory Training if you want your techs to gain more hands on experience. The class is held several times a year at DPS headquarters and is taught by the very engineers that design our products.
  3. "I want full, turn-key design and installation."

    DPS is happy to help with the installation of a T/Mon master station and a few RTUs. But, if your project is any larger than that, we will typically recommend a trusted, third-party installation partner. As a company of mainly engineers designing new and custom gear, we don't maintain a dedicated install team. Therefore, we have established relationships with many installation companies nationwide to deliver installation services as needed. These national installation partners can also provide timely on-site service on an ongoing basis. Whenever we use installation partners, we provide complete remote support so we can ensure that you get DPS-level service. And, as always, DPS tech support is available 24/7 to answer any questions you (or third-party installers) may have.

T/Mon application diagram
DPS will provide you with an application diagram to make sure that the system addresses all of your needs.

Prefer to work with a Distributor?

DPS typically sells direct to our clients around the world. It is uncommon for us to use third-party distributors, because our full service approach works best when we work directly with you. But, because some DPS clients prefer to work with known distributors, we have established relationships with several major companies. We can sell indirectly through a distributor if that works best for your company and project.

If this is the option you're most comfortable with, we provide the same high level of service to the distributor of your choice, as we would when interacting directly with you. Our sales and support lines are open to them so that you get exactly what you need.

DPS Product Installer
Are you an installer? Find out how to install for DPS Telecom.

DPS Tech Support.

DPS tech support is one great asset that DPS clients really value. The tech support team is composed of engineers who understand your system needs. They never follow a script, so you get only the best, individualized attention to make sure that all your questions and concerns are resolved. DPS tech support is available 24/7 at no charge to any client, regardless of how the product was purchased.

We realize that the quality and performance of third-party service reflects on DPS. Therefore, we carefully monitor and manage the service provided by any third party to any of our end users. We only work with companies who are capable of providing the same level of customized service that we provide when working directly with a client. This prevents most problems before they begin and ensures our company standards are maintained.

We proactively monitor client satisfaction directly with automatic email surveys. We also encourage you to call us directly if you have any trouble. If you're not happy, there's no way for a subcontractor/distributor to block you from communicating with us. We're always available when you have concerns.

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