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How to Become an Installer for DPS Monitoring Equipment

Do you perform contract installations of telecom gear at remote sites? If you do, DPS is giving you the chance to expand both your number of jobs and the breadth of equipment you can provide. With the launch of our new nationwide RFP program, more and more opportunities will become available in your region.

DPS Installer

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DPS sells remote monitoring and control equipment to clients around the world. We also provide installation and turn-up assistance. This service includes full installation of T/Mon master stations, and we also teach our clients how to install the first few NetGuardian RTUs.

Some RTU deployments, however, can include 100 sites or more. In these cases, if a DPS client wants to purchase "turn key" installation service for every remote site, we help them to identify a qualified installer like you. Now, you have a chance to add your name to our list of qualified installers.

DPS is committed to total client satisfaction, so you will be required to prove your ability to successfully complete installs. This may involve providing some prior business references and/or visiting DPS HQ for a Factory Training session.

To sign up to become a DPS installer:

  • Call DPS at 1-800-693-0351 or 559-454-1600 (this is the fastest way to get started), or
  • Send email to sales@dpstele.com, or
  • Use the form at the bottom of this web page to send a message to Mac Smith.

Increase the size of your existing installations and provide more value for your customers
Regardless of your status with DPS, you can always take advantage of our proven gear when your customers have remote sites to monitor. This increases the value of your installation contracts and ultimately allows you to satisfy more customer needs. Our recently-launched nationwide RFP program will create tons of new opportunities, so call today.

To sign up to become a DPS installer...

Call 1-800-693-0351