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Your DPS Field Trial Experience is a Wild Ride with a Great Ending

A field trial is a critical part of your custom equipment project

Your DPS field trial experience can be a wild ride
Your DPS field trial can be a little "exciting", but it will ultimately be very rewarding.

Your decision to work with DPS Telecom on a custom engineering project offers multiple benefits:

  1. You'll get equipment that's a perfect fit for your requirements.
  2. You'll develop relationships with DPS technical staff.
  3. You'll get a taste of a superior way to get new equipment.

We do this a lot, and we'll make it as streamlined and painless as possible for you. Even so, we need your time and attention to visit you, understand your requirements, test our assumptions in a real-world environment, and make sure that we give you exactly the product you need.

What to expect during your DPS field trial

As confident as we are that we'll give you a great experience, we've noticed a common down-then-up pattern during previous field trials that you should know about before we begin.

You might expect things to go pretty smoothly during our visit. After all, we do custom work all the time. We should be pretty good at it by now.

The truth is that every field trial is different. It always takes some amount of time to discover problems we haven't anticipated and engineer solutions together. Ultimately, though, we always manage to get the job done.

This process of initial disappointment followed by ultimate success is remarkably consistent from one field trial to the next. To illustrate what you can confidently expect, let's look at an example 5-day Monday-Friday field trial:

Calendar of a Typical 5-Day Field Trial

Monday: "Scary"
On a typical first day of a field trial, your dreams of an amazingly smooth process are momentarily shattered. We'll discover together that the prototype is missing a critical function. We may have made assumptions that turned out to be untrue. We still have 4 days left to dig out of the hole, but this is a scary situation.
Tuesday: "Terrible"
Our second day is commonly filled with fixing Monday's new problems and discovering entirely new ones. We're doing a lot of things, but it just isn't coming together yet. With the week approaching its midway point and no success in sight, things are looking terrible.
Wednesday: "There's a light at the end of the tunnel!"
On Day 3, we start to turn the corner. We've handled enough of the surprises from the first two days that we start to believe we can get the job done. There's still much to do, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel.
Thursday: "Hey, this might work..."
With the week almost over, we're really making headway. You might chuckle to yourself when you think about how impossible the situation felt on Tuesday. Now, it just might work.
Friday: "AWESOME!"
At the end of the field trial, you'll be impressed by what we've accomplished together. We'll have converted a best-guess prototype into a perfect-fit device crafted just for you. It'll be awesome, guaranteed.

Next step: The initial rollout

With our field trial completed, we'll have learned a tremendous amount about the perfect-fit product you need. Our firmware (and sometimes even hardware) will have evolved to meet the unanticipated requirements that we discovered together.

You'll get the benefit of these design improvements during the initial rollout, as we build the first batch of production units for you to deploy. You might still discover a minor improvement or two that we can add to the firmware, but we should have gotten most of the big issues worked out during our earlier field trial.

The importance of regular factory training

We always aim to make our equipment as intuitive as possible. Still, there's nothing quite like dedicated training to make sure you're getting everything possible out of your investment in remote-monitoring equipment.

You're always welcome at one of our regularly scheduled Factory Training events. We'll set time aside for specific training on any of your equipment, even if we've never sold it to anyone but you. This training is always free. Of course, if you have more than 3 people to train, it's often more efficient to purchase private on-site training at your facility.

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