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Insights from Visit to a State Government Client - Choosing High-Reliability Monitoring Gear

By Andrew Erickson

October 8, 2023


I recently returned from a client visit that highlighted the symbiotic relationship between manufacturers like DPS Telecom and the clients like you that we serve. This relationship is built on trust and continuous improvement.

T/Mon is a Primary Monitoring Tool for this State Emergency Communications Agency

The agency I visited is responsible for keeping emergency radio services operational statewide for police, fire, and EMS. This is especially important during natural disasters that increase the need for emergency services while frequently disrupting telecom networks.

As I walked through their bustling office, where screens many flickered with operational data from different sources, it was clear on several displays how rooted our T/Mon system is in their daily work for the public.

The agency's significant reliance on DPS and T/Mon for remote monitoring is telling. It's a testament to the strength and reliability of our equipment and services, ensuring that their crucial daily operations run smoothly.

This reliance is about the trust and confidence that can only be built over time. You have many options available in the marketplace for your remote monitoring needs. Selecting a system that meets and exceeds your personal and professional expectations is mission-critical.

DPS is Your Partner in Your Remote Monitoring System

During this visit, I heard many stories and examples from this client. Friendly anecdotes were shared, laughter echoed through the room, and the tone was clearly positive when the meeting drew to a close.

This strong relationship-building is a cornerstone of the DPS philosophy. When you decide to bring DPS equipment into your company, you're not just getting a vendor. We will become your partner, 100% dedicated to understanding and addressing your unique needs and challenges.

Our comprehensive understanding and friendly relationship with this client is not a happy accident. In your search for a provider, consider the product and the level of understanding and dedication the team brings to your project.

This Client is Looking Forward to Upcoming T/Mon Software Updates

We're currently working on software updates for this client that will support a seamless upgrade to the next generation of out T/Mon GFX GIS system.

Transitioning to a new system is always challenging. The agency is naturally wary of this, but they are comfortable with DPS's systems and services. This is effectively an acknowledgment of the value we've provided over the years.

Custom "rLogin" Script is One Example of How You Can Leverage DPS Customization

Entering the second half of our insightful visit, we delved deeper into the operational aspects and the unique features that make DPS and T/Mon indispensable to the agency's daily functions. We reviewed the role of T/Mon's exclusive features like "rLogin".

The "rLogin" function is tailored to this specific client's needs, providing a TTY interface and a recurring clock-setting message from T/Mon to remote devices. That's not surprising, since we built it specifically for this client.

This isn't likely to be something you need, but that's not the point here. When you choose DPS, you can get unique, bespoke features upon request. We can accommodate everything, of course, but no reasonable request from a T/Mon buyer (or a client ordering about 11 or more RTU devices) is denied.

The customization ensures that the system is not just a generic product but a solution designed for your specific needs, giving you an edge for each and every day.

DPS Gives You Tools to Minimize Time and Labor Waste

The atmosphere during my visit was largely anticipation. The agency has invested significant time and resources in the T/Mon system and is awaiting further software enhancements and updates from DPS to get even better.

This anticipation is positive. It signals trust and expectation of continued support and improvement from DPS.

For potential clients like you, investing in DPS's products and services is not a short-term engagement but a long-term partnership, with continuous support and improvement as part of the package.

One underlying theme was the agency's substantial investment in and comfort with DPS systems. Transitioning to new systems often brings along challenges and learning curves, and the agency's reluctance to shift is a testament to the value and reliability they associate with DPS systems.

Your Choice of Remote Monitoring Vendor is Tremendously Important

As you explore options for your remote monitoring needs, consider not just the technical specifications but the relationship and support that comes with it. DPS Telecom is not just a vendor. We're your partner in success.

As I noted during my recent visit, our government client's anticipation, investment, and reliance on DPS tell you what you need to know about our commitment and service.

When you ponder your next step in choosing a manufacturer or vendor for remote monitoring equipment, think beyond the immediate. Reflect on the long-term partnership, consistent support, and your system's unique features and customization that you'll need in the long run.

Since you are a prospective client, careful consideration is required to make an informed, insightful decision.

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It's a tool that invites you to reflect on and articulate your network's current status, expectations for growth, and specific requirements regarding alarm points, controls, connectivity, power, and more.

You will commence by detailing the number and types of remote sites within your network requiring monitoring, considering any fundamental differences in requirements between these sites.

You're encouraged to forecast, including anticipated growth in alarm points at each site and the number of new sites expected to join your network in the upcoming several years.

This survey is a powerful tool. Your responses provide a blueprint that guides the design and development of the perfect monitoring system for your unique requirements.

Call DPS now at 1-800-693-0351 or email sales@dpstele.com for your free copy of this 4-page PDF survey.

Andrew Erickson

Andrew Erickson

Andrew Erickson is an Application Engineer at DPS Telecom, a manufacturer of semi-custom remote alarm monitoring systems based in Fresno, California. Andrew brings more than 17 years of experience building site monitoring solutions, developing intuitive user interfaces and documentation, and opt...