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Fulfilling Remote Alarm Monitoring Requirements for Technical Bids

By Andrew Erickson

July 3, 2024


Reliable remote alarm monitoring is essential for maintaining system integrity and ensuring prompt responses to issues. Our recent interaction with a client bidding for a city project highlights the practical aspects of deploying effective real-world remote alarm monitoring solutions.

Let's explore the conversation between DPS Telecom's engineer, Margaret Hickey, and the client. We'll focus on the requirements and solutions discussed - and how you can apply these principles to your own work.

Full Chat Transcript

Margaret Hickey: Thanks for reaching out through our website. Is there a project you're working on that requires remote alarm monitoring equipment? How can I help?

Client: Working on a bid for the city. They need 24 units of part number DPS TELECOM # D-PK-NG832-60016.00001 and 3 units of part number DPS TELECOM # D-PK-DX832-12004.00001.

Margaret Hickey: Okay, have we worked with you or your company before? I don't see your email associated with an account.

Client: Must be RoHS compliant.

Margaret Hickey: I believe we are RoHS compliant. Is that something you need stated as verification in the quote?

Client: Yes, please.

Margaret Hickey: (Qty: 24) D-PK-NG832-60016.00001 (Qty: 3) D-PK-DX832-12004.00001. Correct?

Client: Yes.

Margaret Hickey: Is there anything besides RoHS compliance? Do you have any more details on the bid?

Client: NetGuardian-G6 dual -24/-48V & NIC, 4SW, T/B, RTC, 1 plug, WAGO4

  • Monitors 32 alarm points and reports alarms to DPS master (T/Mon) or SNMP manager via LAN and/or dialup.
  • Supports: dual 10/100 BaseT NIC. 8 analog inputs (using analog channels 5-12) and 8 controls.
  • Dual battery voltage/current monitoring adds 4 additional analogs (Power Input A on Chan 1, Current Input A on Chan 2, Power Input B on Chan 3, Current Input B on Chan 4).
  • Supports 34 D-Wire sensors or nodes (1 integrated internal temperature monitoring on Chan 1, 33 user configurable on Chan 2-34) using the RJ11 jack mounted on the front of the unit.
  • D-Wire sensors can be daisy-chained together; max 600ft for 1 sensor or 80ft with 34. Pings up to 32 devices and performs notification of failures.
  • 8 serial reach-through ports that can be used as a terminal server for reach-through or can be used to collect and forward alarm data to T/Mon's ASCII processor.
  • Contains 1 additional RS485 port that may be used for NetGuardian DX G5 32 PT EXP. dual -24/-48, no rly/ana, GI, RoHS.
  • NetGuardian/NetMediator.
  • 832 G5 expansion chassis.
  • Increases the discrete point capacity of the NetGuardian (SNMP, TL1, or DCPx) by an additional 32 points.
  • No relays and no analogs.
  • Alarm inputs are optically isolated.
  • Connects to one of the 8 RS232 serial ports on the NetGuardian.
  • Up to 3 DX units can be cascaded for a total capacity of 128 points on the NetGuardian 832.
  • Contains LED indications, alarm status is displayed in the host NetGuardian LCD display.
  • Includes the 6" cable required to connect to the main unit.
  • Specifications: 1 RU, dual -24/-48VDC wide range, ground isolated.
  • RoHS 5 of 6 compliant.

"DPS TELECOM" # D-PK-DX832-12004.00001. Do you need my email?

Margaret Hickey: I have your email. Or do you mean from your customer?

Client: My email if you need me to send the spec.

Margaret Hickey: Oh, alright. That looks like all the info I will need. If anything, I will give you a call tomorrow. Send me any additional information you think is necessary in the meantime.

Client: Delivery needs to be 30 days or less. Thank you very much. Email sent with the specifications.

Addressing Specific Client Need for RoHS Compliance

Margaret Hickey began the conversation by clarifying the client's project requirements.

Thanks for reaching out through our website. Is there a project you're working on that requires remote alarm monitoring equipment? How can I help?

Margaret also clarified specifics regarding the need for RoHS-compliant equipment. This compliance ensures that the products meet environmental and safety standards. This is necessary for many government and institutional projects, especially in Europe or China. The standard has also been adopted in other regions and within other companies.

I believe we are RoHS compliant. Is that something you need stated as verification in the quote?

This initial exchange underscores the importance of understanding client specs and meeting regulatory requirements in technical bids. Compliance with standards like RoHS demonstrates product safety and also aligns with broader environmental responsibilities.

NetGuardian 832A G6 from DPS Telecom
Build your perfect-fit monitoring system with the customizability of the NetGuardian (front panel)

Exploring the NetGuardian G6 RTU Specifications

The client provided detailed specifications for the equipment they needed, focusing on the NetGuardian G6 series.

NetGuardian-G6 dual-24/-48V & NIC, 4SW, T/B, RTC, 1 plug, WAGO4 - monitors, 32 alarm points and reports alarms to DPS Master (T/Mon) or SNMP manager via LAN and/or dialup.

The NetGuardian G6 series, specifically the NetGuardian 832A, is well-suited for such applications. It supports a wide range of monitoring and control functions, including:

  • Alarm points: Monitoring up to 32 discrete alarms. This helps in tracking various system statuses.
  • Analog inputs: Capable of handling up to 8 analog inputs for detailed environmental monitoring.
  • Control relays: Equipped with 8 control relays for managing connected equipment.
  • D-Wire sensors: Supports multiple D-Wire sensors for extended monitoring capabilities, such as temperature and humidity.
NetGuardian 832A G6 from DPS Telecom
Build your perfect-fit monitoring system with the customizability of the NetGuardian (back panel)

What Makes the NetGuardian G6 the Ideal Solution?

The NetGuardian G6 series stands out for several reasons:

  • Versatility: It can monitor a wide range of conditions and devices. This makes it suitable for diverse applications, from telecommunications to utilities.
  • Scalability: With expansion options, it can grow with the client's needs. This accommodates more alarms and controls as required.
  • Reliability: It's built with strong components and backed by DPS Telecom's support. This ensures long-term reliability and performance.

Expanding Monitoring Capacity with NetGuardian DX Units

The conversation also highlighted the need to expand monitoring capabilities using NetGuardian DX units. The client required additional discrete alarm points. The NetGuardian DX units provide an effective solution for this.

NetGuardian DX G5 32 PT Exp. dual-24/-48, No rly/ana, GI, RoHS.

NetGuardian DX units seamlessly integrate with existing NetGuardian systems to expand alarm monitoring capabilities. This is particularly useful for growing networks that need to monitor more points without replacing their core infrastructure. Each DX unit adds up to 32 discrete alarm points. This allows for significant scalability.

Enhancing Security with SNMPv3 Support

Security is a huge concern for many clients. It is especially concerning for those handling sensitive or critical data. The NetGuardian G6 series universally supports SNMPv3, as did some earlier NetGuardian generations. This ensures secure data transmission across networks.

Supports SNMP v1, v2c, & v3.

SNMPv3 offers enhanced security features such as message integrity, authentication, and encryption. This makes sure that data transmitted from remote sites is protected against unauthorized access and tampering. This protection is crucial for maintaining network security and integrity - and it's increasingly required by government regulations and corporate security policies.

Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring

Environmental factors can significantly impact network reliability and equipment longevity. The NetGuardian G6 series provides effective environmental monitoring capabilities. This is an important consideration for the client.

Integrated temperature and battery sensors - Eliminates the cost and setup time of installing external sensors.

The integrated sensors in the NetGuardian units allow for continuous monitoring of temperature and other environmental conditions. This ensures that any adverse changes are detected early. Rapid detection prevents potential damage to equipment and maintains optimal operating conditions.

D-Wire Building
In this diagram there is an RTU on the ground floor of the building and one D-Wire Sensor on each floor. You can daisy-chain up to 16 sensors together.

Simplifying Alarm Management with T/Mon Integration

Integrating alarm data into a centralized management system like T/Mon simplifies network management and enhances response times. This client was focused on responding to a NetGuardian bid, but T/Mon is mentioned in the required specifications. As noted in T/Mon's product summary:

T/Mon collects alarm data from lots of different equipment, throughout many manufacturers and protocols, and displays the state of your entire network in one interface.

T/Mon is able to consolidate alarm data from various devices and protocols into a single, intuitive interface. This allows network managers to quickly assess and respond to issues. This single pane of glass allows for a centralized approach. It reduces complexity and ensures that critical alarms are not overlooked.

T/Mon LNX is a multiprotocol, multifunction network alarm manager designed as a single-platform solution for all alarm monitoring applications

Get Prompt and Reliable Delivery, Built to Order

The client emphasized the need for prompt delivery within 30 days. This highlights the importance of reliable supply chains and responsive customer service.

Delivery needs to be 30 days or less.

At DPS Telecom, we understand the critical nature of timely deliveries, especially for projects with tight deadlines. Our streamlined processes and dedicated customer support teams work diligently to meet these requirements.

It's Time to Plan Your Remote Monitoring Project

From expanding alarm monitoring capacity with DX units to enhancing security with SNMPv3 support, our solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of modern network management. Integrating these systems with T/Mon further simplifies alarm management, while remote power control adds another layer of efficiency.

To learn more about how DPS Telecom can support your monitoring needs, contact us today. Our experts are ready to help you design a system tailored to your specific requirements.

Call 1-800-693-0351 or email sales@dpstele.com to discuss your project requirements, get a customized quote, or set up a demo.

Andrew Erickson

Andrew Erickson

Andrew Erickson is an Application Engineer at DPS Telecom, a manufacturer of semi-custom remote alarm monitoring systems based in Fresno, California. Andrew brings more than 17 years of experience building site monitoring solutions, developing intuitive user interfaces and documentation, and opt...