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HVAC Monitoring for a Large Network in the Middle East

By Haley Zeigler

September 29, 2023

A Wide-Scale Overseas HVAC Monitoring Project

In the world of network monitoring, one size does not fit all. That's why DPS Telecom takes pride in its commitment to crafting perfect-fit monitoring solutions that cater to the unique needs of each client. Everything from our engineering to manufacturing to sales is done on-site at our factory in Fresno, California. This allows for the fastest-possible follow-up, turnaround, and collaboration at every stage of the process of creating each customized remote monitoring solution.

At DPS Telecom, no challenge is too big or too small when it comes to providing our clients with perfect-fit remote monitoring solutions. A recent case in point involved a client in the Middle East with an expansive network spread across their entire country.

Let's take a look into the DPS sales journey, following this project as an example:

Marketing-to-Sales-to-End-Product Process

We often receive calls, email, and chat messages through our website asking if we can offer solutions to their unique needs.

We got one such inquiry from an engineering firm looking to offer a solution for an end user with a large quantity of multiple different types of HVAC systems at many different sites across the nation. This end user needed to integrate the monitoring of hundreds of varying HVAC equipment in different geographical locations.

This international client sent an email to our sales team in response to a white paper on SNMP Monitoring Implementation that we sent out in our eNewsletter, The Protocol. One of our sales engineers reached back out to him to learn more about their project.

Understanding the Client's Needs: An Intricate, Cross-Nation HVAC Network

An international client with an extensive network across their entire country needed a reliable solution to monitor thousands of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units (HVACs) of different types.

After a few emails back and forth, we understood they required a monitoring solution for their vast array of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC). More than just a simple temperature control system, this solution needed to be robust and reliable, capable of monitoring thousands of HVAC units of three types: Centralized, Split, and Window Chiller. The system had to monitor temperature, vibration, and airflow, with a Centralized Manager providing oversight for all sites throughout the country.

We set up a web meeting the same day to further discuss the project. Our DPS Sales Engineer met with the client and held a web demo and live Q&A. We introduced the HVAC Controller G6, showing one of our HVAC Controller G6 units via video meeting and sharing the screen to display product features on the GUI.

We established that we would be able to offer a solution that was more than sufficient for their HVAC monitoring goals.

The Perfect-Fit HVAC Monitoring Solution

After consulting with the client and establishing their needs, the next step was to design and quote a solution that exceeded their requirements.

Our Sales Engineer crafted a solution that met, and in many aspects, exceeded the client's specifications. By the next day, he drafted and sent over a detailed sales proposal which included the proposed solution, pricing, and product descriptions accompanied by application drawings and labeled images of the products.

The proposed system offered precise monitoring of temperature, humidity, airflow, and vibration for each HVAC unit - even the potential to monitor the exact temperature and cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air output directly from the HVAC vents.

Customized Solution Breakdown

We proposed a solution that includes 11 HVAC Controllers, 240 Monitoring Sensors, and a single Centralized Management Server for two sites, each with 30 HVAC units. We also proposed a Gold Maintenance Agreement, ensuring our client's peace of mind with round-the-clock support, free software upgrades as they are released, and 100% off a hardware upgrade every 5 years.

The DPS Telecom HVAC Controller G6 is a remote telemetry unit (RTU) that can monitor and control up to six HVAC units simultaneously.

The system allows for the configuration of thresholds for temperature, humidity, vibration, and airflow, triggering alarms to the T/Mon when these limits are exceeded. The HVAC Controller will also allow the client to schedule lead-lag rotations for the primary/lead HVAC unit. This feature distributes the run-time among the units, substantially extending the life of the HVACs.

D-Wire sensors will be daisy-chained to each HVAC Controller to detect temperature, humidity, airflow, and vibration data at each remote site.

The T/Mon centralized management server is a true workhorse, with the capability to monitor over 9,000 devices across different physical locations. With its simplified monitoring and alarm notifications, our client can swiftly address any issues with the HVACs, enhancing preventive maintenance, and averting potential failures.

  • Tailored specifically for clients with large-scale networks, the T/Mon LNX offers a myriad of advantages that transform complex monitoring into an effortless endeavor. For this client, the T/Mon will be primarily used to monitor HVAC systems, but it is also capable of managing all sorts of data from remote sites in the telecom, 911 response, utility, and other industries.
  • The T/Mon LNX serves as the nerve center of network operations. Its intuitive interface will allow for real-time monitoring of every HVAC unit, providing instant insights into their status. It simplifies the monitoring process, enabling immediate responses to alarms and streamlining troubleshooting procedures.
  • One of the standout features of the T/Mon LNX is its proactive approach to maintenance. By setting configurable thresholds for temperature, humidity, vibration, and airflow, the client will be able to identify potential issues before they escalate into critical failures. This proactive stance not only prevents downtimes but also saves substantial costs associated with emergency repairs. Read more about the T/Mon's monitoring capabilities

To accompany the T/Mon LNX, we proposed the T/Mon Gold Maintenance Agreement, which includes software updates as DPS engineers make improvements and updates to accommodate the latest security requirements and more, the industry's best 24/7 tech support, and a hardware replacement every 5 years at no additional charge.

What Makes DPS Different

Just like how a casino in Canada benefited from our panic button and door monitoring system, this tailored HVAC monitoring solution for our client in the Middle East exemplifies the DPS Telecom approach. We don't just sell products, we provide solutions. By fully understanding our client's needs, we can design and deliver bespoke systems that truly fit the bill. With DPS Telecom, you're not just investing in a system - you're investing in a partnership for the future.

Almost every "DPS Box" started out as a custom solution built for a client who reached out to see if we could create something new for them. Our DPS Factory, with our Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Production teams all collaborating in the same location makes us unique in the remote monitoring industry.

DPS has the unique ability to offer perfect-fit solutions for each client with minimal turnaround and waiting time between each department. Because of our vertical integration, we are empowered to offer businesses like this Middle Eastern client a solution that best suits their needs. And our values drive us to offer each client the best solution, not to bring us the highest profit.

With 38 years in the industry and counting, our knowledgeable and experienced team is eager to partner with you to monitor, protect, and manage your network.

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We look forward to meeting with you soon! Let's get you equipped to offer your customers the most protected, well monitored (read: reliable) infrastructure possible.

Haley Zeigler

Haley Zeigler

Haley is a Technical Marketing Writer at DPS Telecom. She works closely alongside the Sales and Marketing teams, as well as DPS engineers, resulting in a broad understanding of DPS products, clients, and the network monitoring industry.