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How to Turn Your Remote Site Monitoring Goals into a Finished Project

I just had a fast back-and-forth email exchange with someone who wants to get SMS text messages to his phone when important alarms happen. It all started with an online message...

Andrew Erickson
October 18, 2021

T/Mon Q&A: Evolving a Proven Alarm Master for 2021 and Beyond

There's no more important element in your remote monitoring system than your central alarm master station. It's the place where everything comes together. This fast Q&A gives you real-world answers to DPS client questions...

Andrew Erickson
October 8, 2021

Multi-Building Alarm Echo to a Single Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP)

I got a call recently about a six-building complex that, due to local fire ordinance, requires that the fire detection system in each building be linked back to just one conventional fire alarm control panel (FACP). See the two devices that, working together, will pull this off.

Andrew Erickson
September 20, 2021

Rectifier Monitoring via SNMP & Alarm Dialer

I just had an interesting call with a DPS client who needs to monitor rectifier major alarms (2 per rectifier). This application has a few interesting elements (like local RTU processing of SNMP traps), so let's walk through it as a learning exercise now...

Andrew Erickson
September 7, 2021

Top 5 Best Tower Companies

Based on our experience working with many different cell tower companies, I'm happy to share with you a list of some of the best tower site operators in the industry. Note that this list is limited to companies who operate in the United States - although many operate globally.

Andrew Erickson
September 1, 2021

Monitor Your Remote Sites with General-Purpose Remotes as Physical Alarm Collectors

In contrast to integrated monitoring, you can choose to install a physical alarm collector that is a general-purpose remote. That is, it's not produced by or aligned with any other manufacturer. It's built by a dedicated team to be the best possible monitoring device you can buy.

Andrew Erickson
August 19, 2021

RTU Temperature Sensor Evolution & 2021 Buying Guide

There's no more common sensor on our RTUs than temperature sensors. In fact, the majority of our builds have one built right on the board to give you a good ambient reading of the temperature in your site. I recently had an email exchange with a DPS client. He had questions about the specific architectures and I/O we use for measuring temperature. I think that conversation will be useful for you as you research your options for remote site temperature measurement.

Andrew Erickson
August 4, 2021

How to Buy an HVAC Controller in 2021

There was perhaps a time when you could shrug off moderate inefficiencies in your HVAC setup. Perhaps you'd use a simple thermostat that offered "good enough" performance. Maybe you would run your lead HVAC into the ground without rotating the lag unit into the lead role. You can't do that in 2021...

Andrew Erickson
July 30, 2021

Monitor Your Digitize Prism LX via CAPS IV CAD Protocol

Do you monitor multiplex, telegraph (McCullough) codes, digital dialer, polling radio, or serial input alarm signals? If you do, you might well be doing it with the Digitize System 3505 Prism LX (or its predecessor). Learn how DPS improved our T/Mon master station to poll this new device via LAN instead of the serial method of the older model.

Andrew Erickson
June 25, 2021

Telecom Hut Monitoring: How to Choose and Buy an RTU

You have telecom huts to monitor in order to keep your service online. Each of those remote buildings contains thousands (or perhaps millions) of dollars of your valuable telecommunications equipment. Companies and government agencies frequently call me and ask what RTU they need. Here are the key steps you should follow...

Andrew Erickson
June 23, 2021

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