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Enhance Metro Facility Security Measures with Remote Monitoring and Custom Equipment

By Ziad Alezabi

December 13, 2023


I recently reached out to a potential client. He's a construction administrator at a major US metro organization. He wanted my help with monitoring and custom equipment for security at the metro facility.

Can you give me a summary of your product that will help me keep track of emergency exit door alarms? I am particularly interested in understanding how your remote monitoring and semi-custom equipment could enhance our existing security measures.

I can't give many details for security reasons, but my client wanted special equipment with special mounting abilities. Good remote alarm monitoring system manufacturers can customize and provide flexible device mediation options.

Emergency exit monitoring is an area that requires customized features. Real time data collected at these sites through RTUs will allow my customer improve the security services provided.

Finding Customized Solutions for Unique Security Needs

When monitoring alarm systems, you'll likely come across situations where no off-the-shelf product can solve your problem. When needed, it's important to have a manufacturer who can customize form factors and modify connections to suit your requirements. Ensure that a manufacturer who is willing and able to provide these tailored solutions supports you.

I informed my client that I have previous experience in supplying semi-custom equipment. Businesses often have unique security needs that standard products cannot meet.

After informing the administrator about our flexibility and extra remote monitoring and control devices, he requested a face-to-face meeting...

We are developing a new application that needs RTUs in local echo mode for different I/Os in our stations. Could we arrange for a technical discussion at our office to explore this further?

Technology might have come a long way, but sometimes doing virtual demos and tours is not sufficient. I booked a meeting time with my client and went to survey the system that he was operating with.

Optimize Your Alarm Systems With Tailored Solutions That Allow Future Expansions

I visited my client and sent him a proposal for a smaller NetGuardian that fits his size restrictions. I also offered to bring him a working prototype quickly to meet his deadlines.

Please review and share your thoughts. In particular, we'd like to understand how many extra discrete inputs and relay outputs you might like to accommodate future expansion/projects. We hypothesized either 8/8 or 8/12, but many capacities are possible. We also considered that eliminating the Phoenix block will eliminate a lot of unnecessary cost and installation labor, but tell me what you think about that also.

Be wary of manufacturers that attempt to take advantage of your company or organization's size. A manufacturer that has your best interest in mind and knows what they're doing always looks for ways to meet your current requirements without restricting future integration, and without charging you for unnecessary equipment.

One of the benefits of a remote alarm monitoring system manufacturer being capable of producing semi-customized equipment is that they can trim down unwanted specifications which helps you not spread your budget thin. Your best bet will be to find manufacturers that offer custom analog and discrete inputs.

What To Expect When Communicating With a Competent Fire Alarm Monitoring System Manufacturer

As the demonstration of the working product drew near, I wanted to ensure that everything was crystal clear. Both you and your chosen manufacturer must maintain effective communication. Missing out on important details will most likely leave you with unwanted results. If the manufacturer isn't openly communicating about your proposal, that's a major red flag.

I sent my client a 2-in-1 timeline and proposal of what we're thinking of offering in our product demo...

  • Schedule a Monday demo.
  • Contact closures work up to >1000ft wire distances.
  • Specify cable openings for NEMA enclosure.
  • Grant PC workstation access to NetGuardian's web interface.
  • Determine if TLS 1.2 is required for HTTPS web interface security.
  • Include a backup battery with ~4 hours of life for the NetGuardian.
  • Configure NetGuardians to unlock exit gates if one member is unreachable.
  • Decide if buttons should operate as momentary contact closures or switches.
  • Relays have a minimum lifespan of 1,000,000 operations at rated voltage/current (30 Watts).

Finding A Manufacturer That Can Help You Navigate Unpredictability

The proposition was only a prototype and not a final product. After I demonstrated the product to my client, we discovered more things that he needed. This happens any time you work with a manufacturer, which is why I've stressed that clear communication is important.

We agreed on additional key features such as...

Bypass Functions

The idea of a bypass function became integral after multiple tests and demonstrations. This function would allow authorized personnel such as maintenance and metro security to deactivate certain alarm measures while adding an extra control layer for situations such as remotely activating the alarm systems during the case of actual fires.

This can be achieved by incorporating access logs, timed deactivation, and multi-factor authentication.

Why Choose DPS for Your Alarm Monitoring Solutions?

Alarm monitoring systems can be complex. That's why it's crucial to find a manufacturer that offers flexible solutions and can guide you through the process. At DPS, we take pride in our team of experts with 40 years of experience in alarm monitoring systems and clear communication. They are the driving force behind our innovation since 1987.

Our experts enable us to provide semi-customized solutions and resolve mediation and incompatibility issues. With us, you won't have to worry about limitations such as legacy technology, environmentals, or size restrictions when it comes to future expansions.

If you have any further questions, even if we don't come to an agreement I will still help point you in the right direction:

Call me at 1-800-693-0351 or E-mail me at sales@dpstele.com

Ziad Alezabi

Ziad Alezabi

Ziad Alezabi is a Application Documentarian at DPS Telecom. He reviews successful DPS client projects and reports on the best practices that you can use to successfully reach your own project goals.