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Expand the I/O Capacity of Your RTU without complicated wiring

Capacity is always a concern with remote monitoring devices. You can select a monitoring device (RTU) with exactly the right I/O, but you can never exactly predict site expansion.

You could buy larger RTUs than you need, but that gets expensive fast. Often times, you end up also paying for features you'll never use.

You could add a second RTU at the site to cover expansion, but now you're juggling. You have two IP addresses and two configuration screens. This "solution" isn't practical and is too costly.

D-Wire Expansion Topology
The D-Wire Expansion Unit allows you to increase the capacity of your RTU without sacrificing your sensor port.

Expansion devices can be a nice middle ground. They increase your base device's I/O without adding a logical device. You'll still manage everything in the same interface you're used to. The downside is that expansions require extra power wiring, eating up your time and labor budget.

You need an expansion device that allows you to expand the capacity of your existing RTU - without having to worry about complicated wiring.

One such device, the D-Wire Expansion unit by DPS Telecom, allows to you add additional analogs in the event that you fill up the built-in analogs on your RTU. It connects to the D-Wire port on the back of your NetGuardian RTU through an RJ12 cable. The NetGuardian powers and communications the D-Wire Expansion on that single RJ12 cable. The expansion can be mounted up to 6 feet away from your RTU, but you'll generally mount it on the same rack.

This easy modular approach to expansion is also a great way to customize your first purchase. Even if your manufacturer doesn't have a single box with the perfect capacity, you can get close and then add expansions.

With insufficient monitoring capacity, you have to decide what data you can live without. Can you get by without knowing your propane level? What about a temperature sensor near your battery plant? That's no way to monitor your remote sites. These are bad options that you can completely avoid if you plan ahead.

The D-Wire Expansion can be the first element in a daisy chain. You can add other D-wire modules (such as temperature and humidity sensors) to build a chain that can be hundreds of feet long.

If analogs aren't your concern, but control relays are, DPS also makes an D-Wire Control Relay Expansion Unit.

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