How to Choose a Network Monitoring Tool

Morgana Siggins
Morgana Siggins
Monitoring Specialist

If you need to monitor and control a remote network, having a competent tool is critical to give you complete visibility. There are many options in the monitoring market today, so it can be challenging to choose one that will be the right one for your scenario.

In this article, we'll talk about network monitoring, what you should look for in a network monitoring device, and ultimately help you choose between the best network monitoring tools available today. So, let's dive in.

Network monitoring tool
Being able to make an informed decision when selecting your network monitoring tool can directly affect your network uptime.

Network Monitoring Basics

Network monitoring is the procedure of keeping an eye on devices and equipment - usually located at a remote location. Examples of commonly monitored gear include servers, switches, routers, generators, and propane tanks.

Often, those devices are the key to keep mission-critical networks working 24/7, so technicians need to have real-time visibility and awareness about the conditions of their equipment. With trends identified and issues correct in a timely manner, outages and other problems can be prevented.

This means that network monitoring systems are critical because they provide a way for you to efficiently and effectively improve your network performance and uptime, providing your end-users with much better service. With the right monitoring solution, you can:

To be able to achieve these benefits, you need a competent network monitoring solution. It should provide you with the following key functions:

How to Choose Between Monitoring Tools

Of course it's important to know what network monitoring solutions are in the market, but that doesn't mean that all of them will meet your needs. Keep in mind that there's no one-size-fits-all type of tool, so you'll need to narrow your options to ultimately choose the right one for your network.

For instance, how many and what type of devices do you need to monitor? Usually, the number of devices you have will affect the cost of a monitoring solution - higher capacity is more expensive. Other things to keep in mind are:

Now, in terms of features and capabilities, also be sure to consider the following:

After considering these factors, you'll be able to narrow down which network monitoring tools will be best for you. From there, it's always important to ask for a demo from the vendor.

T/Mon LNX: One of The Best Network Monitoring Tools

The T/Mon LNX is one of the most popular network monitoring tools available today, and for a good reason. T/Mon offers a wide variety of advanced monitoring, remote control, analysis, and reporting features along with an intuitive web interface.

T/Mon web interface
The T/Mon features the GFX. GFX is a user-friendly graphical interface that gives you complete and intuitive visibility over every element in your network.

Its intuitive web interface takes away the difficulty of initial configuration that many other systems have. Additionally, it doesn't matter what kind of equipment you need to monitor, and the type of protocol they run, T/Mon is a multiprotocol solution that most likely support whatever setup your network have.

T/Mon is an alarm master station that has its own dedicated hardware. This makes the T/Mon a safe choice in terms of security as your network monitoring applications won't be running on a vulnerable PC.

Here are T/Mon's top features:

T/Mon web interface menu
The T/Mon also features "wizards" - helpful hints that makes its configuration even easier.

What are your specific requirements? We are a vertically integrated company, which makes it possible for us to tailor any of our devices to your unique network - the T/Mon included. Talk to us and learn more about how you can have a remote monitoring system made to order.

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