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New Product! T/Mon SLIM Delivers High-Powered Network Visibility for Local/Regional Networks

T/Mon Slim

T/Mon SLIM gives local/regional network managers effective, real-time control and visibility of their alarms.

Do you have real-time access to your local/regional network alarms?

Do you have complete access to the information you need to manage your remote sites? If you manage a small network, or a local/regional segment of a large network, you probably don't have easy, real-time access to all the alarms you want to see - even alarms from your own office and remote sites.

Most network monitoring applications are built around large centralized NOCs for monitoring major networks. This puts a huge barrier between the people who actually keep the network running and the information they need to get their jobs done.

Small companies can't climb over the cost barriers of establishing a 24/7 staffed NOC. Large companies can afford a central NOC, but that doesn't mean the people responsible for managing remote sites get all the information they need. If you're dependent on a centralized NOC, you have to wait to be notified of new events. You don't control your alarms, the NOC does - and that increases service restoration times and maintenance costs.

T/Mon Slim back panel
T/Mon SLIM features dual power inputs, LAN based alarm collection and alarm forwarding, plus serial polling of legacy remotes.

T/Mon SLIM: local/regional monitoring that you control

The new T/Mon SLIM Remote Alarm Monitoring System puts control over your alarms directly into your hands. T/Mon SLIM is a new model of the T/Mon Remote Alarm Monitoring System, scaled to the needs of small, local and regional networks.

Cost-effective and easy to install, T/Mon SLIM puts high-quality network alarm monitoring within the reach of any company and any maintenance department.

You can use T/Mon SLIM to:

  • Consolidate alarms from several sites into a single local/regional network view
  • Monitor alarms in SNMP, ASCII and several legacy protocols
  • Send automatic pager and email alarm notifications to technicians in the field
  • Remotely access alarms via Web browser
  • Forward alarms to a T/Mon NOC or SNMP manager at a centralized location.
  • Maintain alarm history logs
  • Analyze past alarms to identify network weak spots and anticipate future problems
  • Use Derived Alarms to track complex network problems
  • Use Derived Controls to program flexible automatic corrections for network problems

In short, T/Mon SLIM gives you the advanced alarm monitoring capabilities of T/Mon NOC, at a scale suitable for managing your local or regional network.

Is T/Mon SLIM right for you?

T/Mon SLIM is designed for medium-level users who want a one-screen view of a limited number of network sites, but don't need the full capacities of T/Mon NOC. T/Mon SLIM is a great solution if you:

  • Manage a local or regional section of a large network
  • Want to monitor the alarms your department is responsible for, independent of your network's central NOC
  • Need powerful after-hours notification
  • Have a small network that needs network alarm monitoring
  • Have outgrown monitoring individual sites using the NetGuardian's stand-alone capabilities and now want a single view of your sites

Just-right capacity for local and regional alarm monitoring

T/Mon SLIM monitors up to 64 network devices and up to 7,500 points - exactly the right capacity for monitoring the sites your department is responsible for, without you paying for more capacity than you use.

T/Mon SLIM monitors DPS Telecom remotes, including the full-featured NetGuardian 832A, the light-capacity NetGuardian 216 and the 176-alarm-point Remote Alarm Block 176N. T/Mon SLIM also monitors SNMP devices, any telecom equipment that outputs ASCII text or TL1, and legacy RTUs from Badger, Dantel, Larse, NEC and Pulsecom.

Advanced alarm monitoring in 1RU form factor

T/Mon SLIM is a slim, 1 RU unit that fits into any 19" or 23" rack, in any telco environment, without taking space away from revenue-generating equipment. Dual -48 VDC power inputs allow T/Mon SLIM to be powered from the same battery power as the rest of your equipment - and give you a backup power supply in case of primary power failure.

You don't have to trip over bulky alarm consoles - you can set up T/Mon SLIM in any equipment room and not worry about it. Up to five users can simultaneously connect to T/Mon SLIM using its built-in Web Browser Interface or T/Windows.

T/Mon SLIM is primarily built for modern, LAN-based network environments. The unit's 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port provides a LAN connection for receiving alarm reports from devices; forwarding alarms to T/Mon NOC or an SNMP manager; and download T/MonXM software updates. Four RS-232 ports provide legacy polling of serial devices.

Read this free White Paper and find out if T/Mon SLIM is right for you

Get more information about T/Mon SLIM, the regional alarm monitoring solution you control. This free White Paper, "Get Control of Your Alarms: A Cost-Effective Solution for Regional Network Monitoring" will help you determine if T/Mon SLIM Is the right solution for your network. Download this White Paper now to get more information about T/Mon SLIM.

See Full Specifications of T/Mon SLIM