T/Mon BAS: Centralized Building Access Control In 1 RU

T/Mon BAS for the Building Access System
T/Mon BAS: Real-time visibility and control of electronic door access.

T/Mon BAS: Modern, efficient electronic door access that you control...

The new T/Mon BAS (Building Access System) gives you centralized, electronic control over your doors. T/Mon BAS is a variant of the T/Mon Remote Alarm Monitoring System. While a standard T/Mon manages both door access and alarms from network equipment, T/Mon BAS is focused purely on building access control. If, in addition to doors, you also have a widespread network of unmanned remote sites that should be monitored and controlled, visit the T/Mon LNX product page instead.

 T/Mon Building Access System (BAS)
The T/Mon Building Access System gives network alarm managers the ability to control and regulate door entry access, without the network monitoring capabilities you don't need.

Cost-effective and easy to install, T/Mon BAS puts high-quality network alarm monitoring within the reach of any company.

You can use T/Mon BAS to:

  • Grant individual door access rights for up to 1300 users.
  • View and control access from all of your facilities on one screen
  • Monitor unauthorized door access attempts and intrusion alarms
  • Remotely "buzz-in" site visitors from your central office
  • Maintain access history logs for review after an incident

T/Mon BAS gives you the advanced access control capabilities of T/Mon LNX, without network alarm monitoring functions you may not need.

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