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How To Quickly Recover Your Network From a Natural Disaster

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When Mother Nature threatens your network, you must be able to respond swiftly. If your building access system is knocked out, your staff's ability to conduct repairs will be severely limited.

When Disaster Strikes, Fault-Tolerant Systems Are Invaluable

To ensure that you are able to bounce back after a natural disaster, any building access system you select must continue to function when connectivity between its parts is lost.

The DPS Telecom Building Access System continues operating during connection losses. Each of the three main components of the system (Master, Site Controller, and the ECU) can function locally without an upstream connection.

The Master contains the complete set of access codes, but each Site Controller contains up to 1,300 codes for its local site. If the connection to the master is lost, your access system will continue to function normally.

In the unlikely event that the ECU loses its link to the Site Controller, the ECU contains a single emergency key that will allow access to the site - and that key will only allow access during a connectivity loss.

Building Access System

SiteCAM IP Camera


Achieve Visual Remote Site Visibility

With the NetGuardian SiteCAM, you don't have to wonder what's happening at your sites. You can see for yourself.

The SiteCAM connects directly to your NetGuardian and delivers high-quality live video of your remote site. This is great for co-location sites, where chances for interference with your equipment are particularly high. It's also valuable for walking technicians through repairs from the comfort of your central office.

SiteCAM Benefits

  • Capture images of unauthorized facility access
  • Visually confirm who is at a door before giving them access to the facility.
  • Visually check critical environmental conditions
  • Assist technicians at remote facilities
  • Check the weather status of remote sites.
  • Connect Up to 4 cameras per NetGuardian
  • 45° field of view
  • Focus range 1m to infinity

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