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5) Complete History Logging

With an electronic access system, every entry to your sites is logged for later review. This can be an invaluable tool when investigating vandalism or theft, or for tracking response times or techincal activities internally.

6) Electronic Access Control is Completely Customizable for Every User

Electronic access control gives you the ability to set user-level access rights all the way down to individual doors and times. This minimizes your exposure to risk by granting no more site access than is necessary.

7) Electronic Locks Permit Remote "Buzz In"

If a tech or outside contractor needs access to a locked site, you can open that door remotely from your central terminal.
This gives you an extra degree of flexibility while making sure that you know about entries into your sites.

8) You Won't Waste Time and Pocket Space with Electronic Access

Electronic access is faster and better that using locks and keys. You'll never have to look through a ring of keys to find the right one, and you won't waste space in your pocket or briefcase carrying bulky rings of keys.

Darcy Kunz
"By watching our technicians, we can help step them through what is going on. It can also help if we have an intrusion alarm or a fire alarm. We can instantly see what's going on."
Darcy Kunz
V.P. of IT Operations
All West Communications
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