4 Intelligent Propped Door Features

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It almost goes without saying that doors propped open at your remote sites are a big problem.

Propped doors:
  • Present a huge security risk
  • Increase climate control costs
  • Allow the outside environment to threaten site equipment
There are some cases, however, when you may want to allow a door to remain unlocked or open. The following 4 intelligent propped door features allow you to accomodate special access needs at your site:

1.) Enable Propped Door

This command will allow a door to be propped open for a set amount of time without triggering an alarm.

2.) Enable Extended Propped Door

This command will extend the previous command's time limit by an amount set by the user.

3.) Enable Stay Open Mode

This command acts much like the propped door commands, except that it will leave the site door unlocked for an infinite amount of time. This is a great for business offices, where the receptionist can unlock the front door at the start of the day and lock it in the evening. Now you have free access during the day and keycard access after hours.

4.) Disable Stay Open Mode

This command acts to close the previous command and place the door back in a monitored alarm mode that will sound if it is not closed by a set period of time.
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