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You'll receive a response within 1 business day. We'll contact you using the email address where you receive the regular DPS ezine (newsletter). If you've had previous contact with DPS, we might also contact you via phone.

Please take some time to consider any special requirements you may have for this equipment. We're happy to make adjustments to our design if you need something specific.

Fast custom engineering and vertically integrated manufacture

Your Specification request is the first step to a DPS Telecom custom engineering solution which will be designed and built fast. We build every part of your new potential order in our own vertically integrated factory, eliminating bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

What does vertical integration mean for you?

  • We're never slowed down by outside suppliers.
  • We can guarantee quality 100%.
  • Every system is built to order customization is no problem.
  • Rapid innovation we can build several complete prototypes of a new custom design in the time it takes other vendors to get a circuit board from their suppliers.
  • Constant improvement since we really make our product ourselves, we continually find ways of making it better.

The Value We Will Deliver:

  • Manage a larger, more advanced network with a smaller, less-trained staff
  • Get exactly the right product with custom engineering
  • Leverage massive industry expertise - over 30 white papers published
  • Mediate legacy protocols to SNMP
  • Replace your legacy master without trashing your legacy remotes
  • Reduce wasted windshield time driv- ing to and from sites
  • US Manufactured in Fresno, CA
  • 2-Year hardware warranty
  • Free lifetime RTU firmware upgrades
  • Free top-quality technical support

Our Overview

If you have got a network monitoring problem, DPS Telecom can help. Using our broad product line, we create perfect-fit solutions for your network. If you still need a better fit, we can engineer a new product made to your specifications - backed by the best client support in the industry. DPS Telecom was founded in 1986 by engineers to meet the needs of engineers and technical managers who implement network alarm management systems in enterprise networks. Our company is built on an engineering philosophy of rapid, customized design of perfect fit solutions built to your exact specifications. At DPS Telecom, we see ourselves as your partner in securing your network. We will never leave you with a monitoring problem unsolved. We will always put your needs first.