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DPS Deployment Support Ensures Smooth, Hassle-free Monitoring Operation

DPS Telecom is a prime example of a top quality vendor that understands that their service extends far beyond the date of purchase. Once you purchase a DPS product, DPS Telecom continues to support you with installation services, training, and 24/7 tech support.

Deployment Support provides complete installation and training

Deployment Support is one of DPS Telecom's strongest components as it consists of training, installation, and traveling to your client's sites. DPS installers are subject-matter experts in the products they install. They are the same individuals who teach classes at DPS Factory Training Events. For a full-system fitting, a DPS installer will train you and the rest of your staff on the system.

Deployment Support allows you to have full control over your alarm system

DPS Telecom's deployment support provides training with installation so that you have full control over your own alarm monitoring system. This allows for you to be as self-sufficient as possible. However, DPS still maintains a high level of support at all times.

DPS Support team committed to fulfilling your monitoring needs

DPS Telecom's deployment support team is dedicated to solving your issues as rapidly and efficiently as possible. "I enjoy being a part of our client's success," said Chris Hower, DPS Deployment support technician. "Deployment support is the niche I have found that allows me to do just that." DPS Deployment Support staff works alongside your personnel to cross-train them and help prepare them for any future self-installations or troubleshooting needs.

DPS Training prepares clients for successful system deployment

Regularly scheduled Factory Training Events at DPS also provide opportunities for you and your staff to learn about the RTU's and systems to be deployed at your center of operations. These training sessions are geared to your needs and demonstrate DPS Telecom's commitment to provide the most effective deployment support in their field.

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Superior customer service guarantees quality and results

With DPS as your primary alarm vendor, you are assured that all your monitoring needs are met with some of the best deployment support in the industry. As a provider of deployment support, DPS can take care of the troublesome details of deployment for you, with guaranteed quality and results. They can achieve this as they have broad knowledge of different types of equipment used throughout the industry, and deep experience of integrating different equipment during installation.

For the most effective deployment support in the industry, call DPS today.